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  1. I would like to know how to choose armor for a particular battle. Let's say for example I am up against Chitracks who use both physical attacks and poison. Does strong armor (chain mail or breastplate for example) have any poison resistance? Am I better off equipping characters with my strongest armor (with no specific poison resistance) on the theory they have some poison resistance as a byproduct of the armor OR equip with weaker armor with specific poison resistance?? Is there a formula for comparing specific armor pieces?
  2. Wow !? So, even if I don't yet have the prerequisites to train in Blademaster, for example, I still get the advantages of having Blademaster if I equip an item giving me boosts for it??? I guess I have to rethink what I sell. On a related topic, there are also items giving resistances to poison, acid etc. So, is it likely that I will get better items later so I could sell what I have now if I am getting along without it. Same question for the special abilities items. Will I ever get a better ring than Archer's Band? My problem is that I temporarily need to equip a certain item for now (say resistances to poison etc.) but might later want an Archer's Band type ring. Can I sell any Archer's Band rings I have now, confident that I will get better later? This is a general question for many special boost type items (Blademaster, etc.) I don't need a list just some general trends.
  3. I seem to be accumulating items like shields, rings, chains etc. that have special boosts such as Blademaster +1 or Lethal Blow +1. I am only at Tranquility now and I have no party members who can access these special abilities yet. Question: Can I sell these now and count on getting similar or better equipment later in the game when I can make use of them or should I save them?
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