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  1. Lol. Read the COC. It means trying to clone a name, say if I made my screen name clrakefyre. Fine, whine about it some more anyways.
  2. Yeah, I played it a little bit yesterday, and Avernum 4 is actually quite cool. Now, I'm not saying it's better than any game out today that you can buy at Target, but it's a nice game to pass the time and get addicted to. I guess it's like those old retarted shareware games that you find yourself attracted to in an odd way. Anyways, wanted to compliment Jeff on a job well done, as before I dissed the crap out of him for A4. What I really love about this game is how you can quickly travel to places, and that makes the game incredibly cheap. You can get one of your characters killed in the heat of battle, then return to town quickly, and they'll revive with all of their belongings. I haven't played much of the game, but I'll give Jeff his props. It's better than the previous Avernums, better than Geneforge, and better than Nethergate. The outdoor system is something he hasn't tried before with Avernum and Exile, but it works. It's like a large dungeon with subdungeons. So, in all, I rate the game ***/****
  3. Hm, odd they never made a sequel. Perhaps because it would destroy the significance of it. I hope they don't remake Exile graphics, that's the best of all Spiderweb's games in my opinion.
  4. BOE Super Editor, anyone? I've come to the conclusion: Why delete unpopular boards? I see them now as like a poor tavern in a big city. You can have a lot of fun on the less popular forums, and get away with more things. They're so much better than General.
  5. Just what am I doing here? Well, this place in itself is comedy. Just be glad I'm brining some activity to a dead board.
  6. Caves are really cool. They're one of the better things about games, exploring wise. I loved the fact that there would be a hidden wall in the Exile series, which sometimes led to a cave. You just get that much more to explore. Avernum wasn't so much like that, I think, as I don't recall there being any hidden cave walls outside of towns and dungeons.
  7. I got a better idea. You can buy nothing from Spiderweb and save your money on anything besides games coming from a second rate company. I'll admit, this was an ok game, I played it for awhile before dumping it. Don't waste your money on games like these, though.
  8. Well, out of curiosity and the fact that I was on yesterday, I decided to download Avernum 4, seeing that the avernum series provided countless hours of great gameplay for a B company. Let's just say, Jeff gets lazy and does an Avernum Geneforge hybrid, which sucks like hell, and I don't like how the characters move. I quit playing the game after under a minute, not counting the character gen. Jeff didn't even include all the character NPC graphics from the previous Avernums. Avernum 4 was a failure in my eyes.
  9. This isn't much of a help topic, but I noticed that Avernum 4 uses Geneforge graphics, and from what I read, allows cheats from the Geneforge games. Now, i haven't played it yet, and probably won't unless I have time and am bored out of my mind, but I'm just wondering what people think of this. I think that reusing graphics from another game makes you seem lazy, and it doesn't go along with the other games in the series, but that's just my view. What does everyone else think?
  10. Lying bastard You don't need ****, it's all in the free game, omg I haven't played this game for years and years...old memories! All right, 1st one is on a special on an island, hope you've found that one, it's easy as hell. 2nd one is a little west of that, search all the islands, and one has a walk through cave wall, which contains another quartz crystal. The third one is in a slith fort on an island, not the slith temple with a bunch of slith priests. Anyways, there's a boat in the fort, and you have to swim a little ways, and there's a passageway. Well, you can walk through that wall too. The fourth is in the place where there's a bunch of specials, and you fight the sliths and free the slaves. Trigger them all, and one of them a slave gives you the crystal. If you survive the Slith onslaught. The fifth is near there, go a little to the east, NOT FAR, but use your boat to get into the area. You'll trigger a special that says investigate or leave, investigate and you'll find the fifth crystal. The last is in an aranea cave northwest of your current location. You'll be taken to an area with a bunch of swamps, go there and search around for a hidden cave wall, which leads to an aranea fort. Once yu're in ,you'll want a light spell, and the crystal isn't in any hidden location. It's at the northwest side of the cave. Just go west immediately and kill all the aranea in your way, you'll eventually get it. Hope that helped.
  11. That sounds gay. The Geneforge series revolves around them. If you can't play them, then the point of the game is ****.
  12. Yeah, it definitely is a good deal if you want advantage all the way. Injured and move 2 or 3 moves and you might just gain some health You'll eventually get level 50 anyways, why not take the long way and become stronger in the end?
  13. I agree with Zeviz. Even though I hardly play Spiderweb games anymore since there are so many better games out there, when I do exile is one of the first that I come back to. Exile is a great RPG with nearly limitless gaming hours. If you've ever played Morrowind, you can compare them, the only differences being the time slot in which they were made and Morrowind being a much more advanced game. I like avernum as well, but theres something different about exile. And Geneforge has many different twists, but you can't reclear dungeons once you've cleared them out already. BTW, exile is $25 alone. I don't know if its 35 or 30 dollars with the editor. You can get all 3 classics in a package deal for 60 dollars though.
  14. I emailed Jeff about this about a week ago, but just looked at the email. The single games are $25, but you can get the trilogy as a package deal for $45, or $60 with the hint booklets.
  15. I remember playing e2 like that. I used to get attacked by the platoons of exile patrols. The archers looked so cool! Oh yeah, it comes with diff. sounds too right? Oh you didn't get the sound files. I can live.
  16. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Oh, please. Singletons are so passe. Some people even find them easier. Try to do it without magic entirely. Or without spending any money on anything ever. Or... well, you get the idea. They are once you level them up a bit. In the end, they aren't as good though. The only plus is you get all the experience for that guy.
  17. Quote: Originally written by Figgy: Empire archers are a huge plus. For the fact that they NEVER miss, and aren't random. When you summon them, you know what they'll do and they'll do it well. And can you acually capture a Crystal Soul? I've tried before but always resisted, every single time. I figured they were immune to it. Yeah, you can capture a crystal soul. They aren't that good though. And it looks weird because when it's summoned it shows up with the vahnatai flooring. (the green one)
  18. Vahnatai lords are a good choice. You'll have to probably use the editor to reload your magicka. I once got an Order Mage, theyre okay.(I thought they were supposed to be immune to magic =\)
  19. Have you asked Jeff? I'm sure he has a copy somewhere and can put it somewhere for you to d/l.
  20. Quote: Originally written by genexile: You forgot igotarock... I got a mac from my friend! I can now play Geneforge3. I already said that, check up a little.
  21. Personally, I don't read books anymore. I think it would be cool though, to read a book from a guy that I've emailed a couple times and played his games for years. I don't play them anymore though. They're falling behind other RPG's by a long shot.
  22. Which it will never come out. But you have to admit, the Exile series is a bit old, don't you think? That's right, take interest in other games. Its time is over. Oh yeah, bye. Oh yeah, another thing. Have fun in the real world, if that's where you're going.
  23. Dude, how could you forget igotarock? You can get an editor for Geneforge 1 in the geneforge 1 forum. Actually 2. And you can get a geneforge 2 editor. It's somewhere around here, or just google it. And someone made a g3 editor for mac I think.
  24. I don't think they were cannibals. Cause serviles do resemble humans.
  25. I played them. Trust me, they can be fun. Now with the revolutionary gaming with RPG's, I don't find spiderweb games fun anymore.
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