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  1. Hmm. I was having difficulty with this very issue. Thanks for bringing that workaroud to light. I think I should add that what solved my problem was a little bit different. the <>requireauthenticationkey<> bit was already set to false, but what wasn't as the line of text above it. as illustrated here, <key>Require Admin</key> <string>TRUE</string> <key>Require Authentication</key> <string>FALSE</string> What I did was change one thing, true to false -- that allowed me to run the installer! <key&
  2. Heyo, So I bought a copy of Nethergate: Resurrection a few years ago, and was never able to get in functioning properly. When I go to install it from the disc, I get a cryptic error message which reads, "Installer. This installer required admin privileges to run." and the only option is to click the quit button. It is strange, because as far as I can tell I do indeed have the proper privileges, as it is my person computer. I saw the disc sitting on my bookshelf earlier today, and figured I'd give it a go, but unfortunately I rolled a critical failure on the computer wizz c
  3. Sadly I cannot really disagree with the general premise of this conversation. I was disappointed by A:EftP. It was pretty and looked nice, but having bad options available is a valuable thing in a game . . . . as is having doors that close. I get a great deal of enjoyment from the trial and error process involved in finding a viable party setup. I personally liked being able to muck about with a less than perfect party. I've seen a disturbing trend in some games recently which is to take the choice away from the gamer. A good example of this in non spiderweb terms would be the trave
  4. Easily, and by far Exile III. Okay... the original nethergate holds a special place in my heart as well. . . but my reasons for picking E3 are simple -- The best spell list ever present in any spiderweb software game, an enormous and engaging outdoor environment which was not toned down one bit in terms of difficulty with much more random content than I remember seeing in games since. I see it as the culmination of the mastery which was budding in Exile 1 & 2
  5. I know it is harsh, but I feel justified. Closable doors in an otherwise fantastical game add an element of... I dunno, realism. Sure, monsters aren't stupid... but not closing doors is. I remember in earlier incarnations of this game, you could close the door... and if a monster saw you before -- they'd just... open the door and hit you that way. It is simple. Doors open and close.
  6. I complained about this before the ipad version was replaced, and was told that the reason for this was the ipad version. Now people who are playing the ipad version are complaining about it. Absurd. This needs to be fixed. This is stupid flaw in an otherwise good game. Jeff. I am speaking directly to you. Please make doors closable. I, as a long time player of your games (pre E3) have never been so annoyed by a tiny seemingly inconsequential issue... but I am now. Why even put in doors if you can't close them. Addendum- If doors cannot close in the
  7. Yes, you are unable to close doors in this version of Avernum. I think it is utter (insert cursewords here) that doors can't close. I'm more angry about it than I thought I'd be . . .but wtf jeff, chests have a opening and closing animations. Cater to us the gamers instead of the ipad. . . please? Or maybe make two versions. . . one for ipad where doors can't close and one for EVERYONE ELSE, where they can. Just a thought. Please don't get the impression that I'm not having fun with it, cause I am. . . but *sigh* doors. must. close.
  8. Thank you kindly, I was frenetically running about the castle in search of a suite of non-existant court wizard chambers. I can't believe I didn't check in the desks right next to him. *Facepalm*
  9. Whelp, I suppose the title is fairly self explanatory. . . but I am having an incredible amount of time finding Rone's journal. Hell, I can't even seem to find his chambers. After getting no specific information from him I was told to search his chambers. . . and locate his journal. I've scoured the Castle top to bottom, and did the same with the tower of magi cause I dunno, rone is one. Anyways, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be helpful, cause I'm lost-ish.
  10. Originally Posted By: living in my post-war apartment I suppose I'm just missing how it worked before, but it makes more sense to me that the spell book gives level 3 rather than just adding another level and allowing me to learn level 3 from a trainer. I believe that if you have read the tome, training with someone who will teach spells can get it up to lvl 3.
  11. Yep. It is kinda awesome. . . but as for the doors. I think it is sloppy that they can't close. I only made this post because I saw others had similar complaints. I mean. . . cabinets open. . .AND CLOSE. Why can't doors? I'd like to get some sort of a consensus here, I know there are others who feel the same way as I do -- I've seen the posts but I wonder if I'm being a bit over zealous in my desire to see "realistic" shutting doors.
  12. Okay. So I really like this game. Dual-wielding is back, and the skill system is a big improvement on Avadon's in terms of flexibility yadda yadda. . . BUT, I have begun to feel rather bothered by the fact that I can't close doors. I feel this is an extraordinarily important feature, and the fact that it is gone is simply put, absurd. I don't just close doors so I can steal stuff. . .sometimes I want to duck away from foes I stumble upon by accident. . . or not wander through a town full of open doors. Anyways, that is my gripe. I shall stop harping on it now -- but I'
  13. I've been distracted by *kofskyrimkof* but I think that is about to come to an end. In other words, Huzzah!
  14. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires "bit" small chars at outdoors compared to indoors. Huzzah!!!!!! I missed this in newer spidweb games!
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