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  1. tested only in exile 1 so far: protection spells stack. maybe i shouldn't be surprised, but i'd kinda of assumed that would be OP and it wouldn't work that way. well it does. cast protection 3 times on the same guy, get triple duration invulnerability. there's no diminishing returns. and 80 gold mana potions give 15 mana, enough to cast protection twice. and protection is available at the start of the game for a mere 8 mage lore. so for a really cheap potion you can get around 10 rounds of invulnerability on a character, assuming only 4 int. 12 rounds with 6 int, 14 with 9, 20 with
  2. because you only need to win once to win. if you think reaching the surface is faster feel free to route it and beat my time
  3. the ideas about a passive bonus (or missing passive bonus left at 0 strength) don't explain why you can activate the gauntlets like using a potion (but no obvious effect).
  4. got 1:09:27 by skipping heartfinder (2 steel saber good enough) and giants (thralni over river near erika), and doing all the hard fights better (e.g. before grah i cast minor haste on the fighter, with all mages, until they ran out of spell points. pre-buffing a very large amount is better. next time i think i'll do some more honestly, cuz haste ran out before the fight ended. and for sss-thss fight i used slow group. fort remote and the big demon fight special i just ran for it without trying to fight.) i did waste a few minutes in the slith castle. i ended combat with my fighter standin
  5. 2nd run took 1:30:12. much smoother. finished at levels 20/6/6/6/6/6 can definitely get under 1:15 with better play. this game is a lot shorter than i thought! main sticking points were sss-thss fight (didn't have protection yet, and didn't buy slow group. definitely buying slow group next time), fort remote fight (my casters are squishy. after a few failures i just hasted everyone and ran away. should do that from the start next time), demons on the way to grah hoth's fort (especially you have to do an encounter where you started slowed/cursed. one mage/priest died there which is fine
  6. FYI i tested this some. piercing crystals did work. and my level 3 mage could dispel the barrier (low odds) when edited to 6 int. i also checked a bunch of towns and didn't find any piercing crystals for sale, i'm not sure you can buy them. according to the boe code, level is the main factor for dispel barrier and town difficulty is minor (it's divided by 10, whereas for unlock it isn't). i'm a bit skeptical that exile 1 works the same as that though. i also kinda doubt Int is required though, i bet higher level and 4 int would be fine too.
  7. can anyone tell me which towns sell piercing crystals in exile 1? i just found out that you cannot dispel barriers in the tower of magi with a level 3 mage (4int), even if you save/load and cast the spell 50 times.
  8. just did my first timed run. got 2:14:27 from "create party" button to victory at micah. here are my notes on route/party from before i started this run and then some more notes after. (main thing i changed is i found out grah-hoth isn't that hard so i tried to cut out a lot of optional stuff like crystals, the fort that gives magelore, bat cave, and cotra prisoners). new shorter route: start timer when clicking "Make New Party" button silvar get sword, scroll, food and buy fighter armor. clear bandit fort (don't walk in), neph fort #1 (silver ring prot ring bot right worth 750, br
  9. you lose 1 stack of bless and haste every 4 rounds (not 4 rounds based on when you cast it. there's just one timer, may be started when combat starts or you enter the town or something, not sure). if your bless or haste is negative then you're losing a stack of curse or slow instead, it moves towards 0 over time. also i found Strength. it gives 3 stacks of bless. so it's 50% better than minor bless!! also using the duration information, i tested bless stacks in exile 1. minor bless is indeed 2 stacks, strength 3, and bless is indeed level * 3/4 +1 +bonus. my level 19 priest with +2 in
  10. here's some additions from looking at the code: light heal, heal, major heal: no scaling, average 5, 20, 35 healing light heal all, heal all, revive all: 3, 6, 7 base d4 of healing. plus your bonus (like from int). after rolling, if it's revive all, double it. level irrelevant. i think major heal and heal all are pretty much useless. i also looked into where you end up when you end combat. it finds a random alive PC and uses that location. looks impossible to manipulate. haste is 8 stacks max. bless can raise or lower your damage by 8 max. i think the limited haste stacks i
  11. exile 1 does not let you craft mana potions but you can buy weak energy potions (15 mana points) for 80 gold and i think i can spare thousands. (you can also buy medium mana, 30 points, for 200 gold, if space becomes a problem. but my back 3 characters have only been getting helm/shield/armor, no weapons/jewlery, so i have a lot of space). if i can skip enough stuff, then hopefully i can get it so the xp from respawning enemies is all useful. i don't wait in dungeons (except bat cave to cross the lava) but a lot of stuff respawns anyway. i use a lot of minor bless and minor haste early s
  12. here are my current notes for speedrunning exile 1 for the grah-hoth mission. some stuff in these notes ought to be skipped i think, though it's hard to tell b/c i'm not quite finished. i've done the earlier parts a bunch of times but haven't killed grah-hoth since years ago, will kill him today though. looking for suggestions/feedback. party: fighter who gets most of the xp mage/fighter priest/fighter priest priest mage turn sounds off and the game goes WAY faster supplies, sword, bandit fort (clear, get mace, leave) + cache + bats (gauntlets+ambrosia). underground fort (sil
  13. i'm looking at speedrunning exile 1. i've been experimenting, optimizing the early areas and party build, and will finish a run through the grah-hoth quest soon (yesterday i did a run from game start to just outside his fortress, gonna finish that playthrough today). my current best party concept looks like this below. str values are all after the +2 from the 6 crystals. i've also found the +1 dex after u get giants boat which is not included. hp numbers are the amount of skill points to spend on it. all spells i care about above level 3 are noted on the character who will use them: (r
  14. i'm looking to do a speedrun of exile 1. can anyone tell me exactly what the Silver Gauntlets do in exile 1? i searched and they aren't in the blades source code. the gauntlets are weird because they are a usable item which has no visible effect when used. if anyone knows any major changes btwn exile 1 and blades, which could affect good strategies, i'd like to hear that too.
  15. Hi, I am working on speedrunning exile 1. I really like the game and beat it a long time ago. i've been trying to figure out the best, fastest ways to play through it. it's a big game so i'm still looking around, though i have the early game pretty optimized. i like the 3 win conditions, too, so i'll have to make 3 routes and try them all to see what's fastest. i'm also considering trying to beat the game with no reloading (still caring about time, not just completely overleveling everything). i've been looking at this info and the blades source code and done some testing about what applie
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