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  1. Marlenny once had this account, which belonged to Imban originally.
  2. Originally Posted By: Skomer Originally Posted By: Tyranicus I was once a mod, and my post count is reasonably meager. But you've posted in more than one account, haven't you. At least three, if I'm not mistaken. These other accounts have fewer posts than you might think. Also, half the posts on this account were Marlenny's not mine. My third account has only 170 posts. Also, it seems this account has lost its custom title. Edit: One of the mods must have fixed this for me, because it shows up now.
  3. Tyranicus.


    Most of the posts on this account are from when it was Marlenny's. A few are from when it was Imban's.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Sarasaphilia: Maybe a new graphics card is in order? I highly doubt it. I've got a GeForce 6800LE that handles powerful 3D games, which Geneforge 4 is not.
  5. You can turn virtual memory off, but it causes a major slowdown on most modern computers. Starting with Windows 2000, virtual memory page files have become standard.
  6. I have the latest DirectX version, and I'm not defragging because people with hard drives that are 500 GB or more can only defrag if they set aside a week in which to do so.
  7. i never did fix this problem in A4, and I am also experiencing it in GF4.
  8. Quote: Originally written by clemmie: It is an Apple laptop, an iBook. Anyway, it worked. I had to use "k," I think, instead of "i," to get the movement I needed, but I now have demonslayer and am headed, slowly but surely, toward Emperor Hawthorne. Without going diagonally, which I can't do with the arrow keys, I couldn't have gotten to the pommel. Anyway, I appreciate all your help. I think I can manage to finish on my own, so I won't need to bother you anymore, except to ask what's a PDN? Clemmie What keyboard could use I. Every laptop I have ever seen has used I as the 5 key, which means you won't move at all.
  9. Well, the Universal beta of BoA is pretty much done now, so the Avernum trilogy shouldn't be hard to do after that, since they use the same engine. As far as I know, there haven't been any problems running GF1-3 using Rosetta, and Jeff has already said that he has abandoned the Exile series, so we won't see any updates for that. As far as Vista goes, I've been able to run every Spiderweb game without problems.
  10. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: He said he was working on it at the same time as he was doing Geneforge 4 for Windows. Indeed. This is why I was ecstatic to find out that Geneforge 4 had come out for Windows. This means that the glorious Second Coming will soon be upon us! I feel like painting myself blue and running naked through the streets in celebration, but I should probably refrain.
  11. Dare I ask how long it took you to do that, Slarty?
  12. I've actually been mapping Nethergate in my spare time. It will be done eventually.
  13. I never did anything with Geneforge, but I once inverted every graphic in Avernum 3.
  14. Just because no one else has ever gotten that portal to work for anything, doesn't mean that it doesn't lead somewhere no else has ever seen. The secrets of Nethergate are vast and marvelous. Why, that portal just may lead to a place where you use the puzzle box.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Nioca: My computer has a 299 MHz Pentium 2 processor, and runs XP Pro. Also, it has several programs (anti-virus and firewalls, mainly) that start up as soon as I log in. Then I open up Task manager and start picking off unessential processes to save on CPU. All in all, it takes me about ten to fifteen minutes to reboot. I don't know what your problem is. 299MHz is a whopping 66MHz above the minimum XP requirements. In all seriousness, you should consider downgrading to Windows 2000 on that computer. 2000 can run all the programs XP can run and is far less demanding.
  16. Indeed. It was just after posting in this thread that I adopted my new AIM icon.
  17. Indeed. Nethergate is one of the best computer games ever made. It's one of those hidden gems. It has sold less copies than any of Jeff's other games, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  18. I always listen to Celtic music while playing Nethergate as well.
  19. Name: Tyranicus Platform: I've got OSX 10.4.8 Intel and XP Pro SP2, so whichever you'd prefer. Email: tyranicus(at)shadowvale.net Past BoA Experience: Beta-testing for Where the Rivers Meet, bug reports for Exodus. Misc. Experience: I'm currently working on my own scenario, fr what it's worth. Are you Imban? Presumably
  20. Quote: Originally written by SoylentGreen: P.S the "bloody hell" is aussie so GET USED TO IT!!! Okay? It doesn't matter where it is from. It's still profanity, which means it's in violation of the CoC.
  21. Quote: Originally written by S is for Synergy: You might also enjoy Tom Lehrer. "So if Sunday you're free, why don't you come with me, and we'll poison the pigeons in the park. And maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two as we poison the pigeons in the park. We'll watch them all die with laughter and merriment, except for the ones we take home to experiment..." -S- is for Super Stupid Songs "When they see us coming, the birdies all try and hide, but they still go for peanuts when coated with cyanide." God I love that song.
  22. This is why the Anama are a terrible force and must be destroyed!
  23. 6PM GMT would be 1PM EDT which is not fine for me next Saturday, but not this one.
  24. It's not good. OK, who voted for Rentar?!
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