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  1. Excellent! This is what I was looking for and with good detail. And just in time, too. I finally finished up with Gazak-Uss so I'll probably be starting with my Guardian tomorrow. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Can you post screenshots here or do you have to upload them somewhere and post a link?
  3. I know that the lore is that Agents are the hardest class to play, but that does not match my experience. I have the most trouble with Guardians. I end up spending too much time healing, which is NOT a good use of the Guardian's skills. (If I could Shape a Healer of some sort, that would be awesome!) So I am thinking about trying a solo Guardian. I'm guessing the hardest part would be when faced with mobs. The Guardian mostly has to take them down one at a time. The new weapon shaping skills look promising - they might fill the gap to some extent, but is it enough? Would a combo melee/missile Guardian work in this scenario, or does that spread the skills too thin? Especially if I want to put a little into Blessing Magic as well? Am I overthinking this? Thoughts? Suggestions? p.s. I play on Normal
  4. I think 500+ to everyone in range. It's pretty awesome too. I'll double check when I load up the game later this afternoon. I don't always go to Gazak-Uss but this time I HAD to. My kickass spell-slinging solo agent is mowing down opponents right and left. It's been great fun. I had to see what she would do in the hardest area in the game. I have two more bosses to do and then I'll be ready to start with my Guardian. I've always found Guardians harder to play. We'll see how it goes.
  5. Armor pods absorb a pitiful 20 points of damage. That might help in some of the areas around Drypeak but pretty useless after that. My level 22 agent is getting about 300. That's pretty solid most places, except for a couple bosses in Inner Gazak-Uss.
  6. @Lorn Did you get the hintbook that was published with the game? It is well worth the few extra $$ and might have given you the sense of purpose and direction that you seem to feel is missing. And please understand that the comments here are not meant to put you down in any way. I think we are just trying to understand your position. When I play this game, I want to stay in the place until I find out what the heck is going on with all the factions. In fact, I feel forced to stay until I can determine what needs to be done about it. To do that, I have to understand what are the uber powers...etc. In this game, there are multiple uber powers and they are at war with each other. This puts you in the unique position of being able to influence the fate of the Known World. You get to decide who wins. How can that not be enticing? I still think you should try again with that in mind, and with what you learned from the first run. This game is deep and complex, and yes, there is some learning curve. Replaying is always fun. I choose a different class and join a different faction when I replay. There are four factions plus unaligned, so I may have to play five times!
  7. Interesting discussion. Even the diverging opinions are useful. Gives me something to think about. @Hyperion703 Are the Vlish as fragile as they were in the OG release? I agree it makes sense to do magic shaping with a Guardian. It should fill in some areas where the Guardian is weak. If you don't give up, I'll be interested to hear how it goes when you get to better creations. I just checked - My Agent has Gazer Skin boots that give +1 BM and +1 Spellcraft. Did this change recently? Seems like I remember having something that was +2 BM. She also has +1 from the Helix ring but a Guardian would get the battle upgrades instead. Is there anything available earlier in the game that boosts Blessing Magic?
  8. Maybe I am reading too much into some of your other posts, but it seems you prefer a game that is more structured and less open-ended. That's ok. Not everyone likes the same thing. But I have to disagree with some of your complaints. The game is NOT geared only for those who play on Torment. They work hard to be sure the game is balanced and winnable on all difficulty levels. I played on Easy when I first played the series years ago. I switched to Normal as I got better at facing the challenges. I rarely play anything more difficult than that. The mobs you speak of? My solo Agent is wiping them up with ease. My no-canister Shaper had a little more difficulty, but that was not because of the game - it was my self-imposed challenge, which limited the amount of training I could get. I still finished with a good ending. And I'm just a so-so player - I don't consider myself an expert. If you think the game is too difficult, you haven't given it a chance. There is some learning curve here. It takes some practice and trying things. To me, that's part of the fun. As for the annoyances, I have not played a CRPG that did not have annoyances of one sort or another. They all do. If you are enjoying the game and the story, the annoyances don't bother you so much. What I disagree with the most is that there is nothing for the Protagonist. Quite the opposite - the game is all about the protagonist and the decisions you must make. I would suggest you play again and focus more on the story, but I think your mind is already made up. Again, not everyone likes the same thing, and you are entitled to your opinion. As for me, this series is still my favorite of all the RPGs I have played.
  9. I've been playing a solo Agent, and I've come to rely - probably too much - on Essence Shield. I don't think I would have survived without it, especially when seriously outnumbered by high-damage opponents. So next time I will play as a Guardian, where Blessing Magic is expensive. Is it worth spending skill points to be able to use this awesome spell? Or will it be too costly to get it up to a level where it makes much difference. I don't like to min-max, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot either. What does it take for a Guardian to be able to tank damage that effectively?
  10. sorry, I'm confused about your confusion. If you are unaligned, you do not get a quest to "Leave the mountains". You have to decide when it is time. If you haven't been paying attention, you might not have completed the two essential tasks to get a "good" ending. That's what the save is for. But now that I think about it, the latest autosave would probably do as well. Maybe that's the reason for your confusion. I quit using autosave when it started saving at odd intervals, usually at an awkward spot. I liked it better when it was only on zone entry.
  11. Right. I meant before you go back to Drypeak Ascent. If you leave too soon, you might decide you have some unfinished business you should have taken care of first. Especially if you are unaligned.
  12. Thanks! That's what I was hoping to hear!
  13. Maybe I am misremembering this, but I think in the OG series you reached a point where adding more skill points to a given stat did not give the same boost as before. Is that still a thing? Also, if you go beyond level 20 do you continue to earn skill points? Seems like that used to cut off at max level which was 30 at the time. Can someone confirm that these are no longer issues?
  14. Save first - you might want to change your mind if you do this too early.
  15. From a role-playing viewpoint, it actually makes sense. If you decide to be unaligned, it means you decide you don't need anyone to tell you what to do next. You get some suggestions from certain unaligned NPCs but the decision is up to you. Instead of having someone take you by the hand and tell you where to go and what to do, sometimes it's fun to be able to chart your own course.
  16. Without being too spoilery, there are people who can help by giving advice on what to do, and give you training to at least partially make up for advanced training you might get from one of the sects. Look for people throughout the map who either prefer to be unaligned themselves, or who are loyal to the Shapers. They are not just in the areas around Drypeak. I usually stay unaligned for most of the game even if I plan to join a sect near the end.
  17. Those Shoai are up to no good I just know it. So I dedided to wipe them out in Buck Creek and Shandoka both (after I finished their quests of course). Later when I went to collect a reward from the Emissary, I found that she went hostile on me. Interestingly, in Buck Creek, Drayk Grimwing remains just as nutty (and friendly) as ever. Obviously the entire area went hostile when I attacked the Sholai, but this does not make sense from a role-playing standpoint. Even though she is in Shandoka, the Emissary has no reason to care what happens to the Sholai there. I've seen the discussion here about Ajax, and I get why he goes hostile - he is a loyal Barzite after all. But the Emissary - why does she care? Should this be reported as a bug, or am I making a big deal over nothing? I'm guessing it would not be too hard to fix since an exception was made to keep Grimwing friendly.
  18. Personally, I think scaling the experience based on level is genius. I'm not fond of min-maxing - it's a little too tedious for me. I'd rather just enjoy the game. But I also know that some people enjoy the challenge of squeezing out every last shred of XP they can get. The genius part is that this game accommodates both approaches nicely. It's a truly open-ended game where no matter which way you go, everything works out. If you are getting very little XP in one area, it's probably because you got more than expected in another. Or because you are being very thorough and clearing as many areas as possible. I enjoy clearing those areas - they often give very different challenges requiring different approaches. And those little bits of XP do eventually add up. It's not like you have to get 100,000 to level up. In the end, everyone ends up somewhere close to the same level. Sure, the min-maxers might have a level or two more than me, but I'll get a little more XP for taking out those final bosses. Once I realized this, I quit worrying about XP and just focused on enjoying the game. I think if Spiderweb ever changed this approach, most of us would ragequit in dismay.
  19. Yeah, that wasn't gonna work with my solo agent. I leveled up, bought another point of Wrack, and found a pacification wand. Then I was able to slow them down enough to take them out. What was killing me was the nine hits to my one or two. Or none if I got stunned. But thanks for the advice. I may try it next time through. It also helped to understand that I could retreat just enough to keep the next shade from popping up before I dealt with the minions from the one before. I sometimes forget about that tactic.
  20. In the haunted area of Stinking Marsh, I expected six shades, one at a time. That's the way I remember it from the OG release anyway. The hint book even says they stop when you kill the sixth one. They are coming at me two or three at a time, and you do not get a break to save. They get two or three attacks apiece to my one, so if you try to run away, they catch up with you pretty fast. I lost count but I am a LONG WAY past six. Does anyone know how many there are, and what level they get up to? I play on Normal.
  21. Something I've been wondering about. I don't know if I skipped through the dialog too quickly or what, but it seems something happened to them, but I did not learn what. Does anyone out there remember?
  22. Clawbugs are the worst! When the earth destroys itself, and you think there is nothing left but the cockroaches, the clawbugs will come in and destroy them in minutes.
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