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  1. For some reason, in my run, yu-la’s best wares are sold at 9600 coins (ridiculous tier)after completing the purifying blade quest . Anyone can verify this ? id be surprised if this is a result of her taking exception to my wanton liberation of the sholai invaders whenever I encounter them prior to establishing formal diplomatic ties. With some of their factions anyway 😆
  2. Not that I recall that mobs being spawned indefinitely is the norm in other spiderweb games but when I explored diarazad, those sholai patrols seemed to be spawning exactly that way . so after clearing some quest and just prior to ‘handing in’ the quest for fixed exp gain, I thought I’d revisit those sholai patrol to gain a level before completing the said quest😆. But I only managed to find 2 or 3 stealthed sholai the second time round. So, a finite but high number of them that often result in 2 or 3 of them encountered together or some scripted condition that was triggered which reduced their spawning? I didn’t complete any quest in that map or killed any npc for that matter .
  3. In my run, the canister in Nw room where the mind servant is raises Create Clawbug Following that logic, the canister in room beside Gyah-ki should be create glaahk. I don’t have a save file to backtrack and verify this one though so please check it if you can
  4. Hmm if that’s because of being over leveled ,I’m surprised it’s come to that as there’s not too many areas one could explore that’s not filled with overpowering mobs in torment mode.it sounds as if I have to pretty much hit the tombs maps right after ellhrah’s keep , skipping majority of the northern areas first , in order to reap the exp in the Tombs. @Mechalibur that explains it then , although lv 2 mob at that stage of quest progression is kinda Low 😑 the text box in my game doesn’t show info like I’m overlevelled iirc .where else does that info show up ?
  5. Am in The tombs map and the map is rife with scurrying lil pyroroamers that made the chore of killing them a pita 😅. I’m level 8 btw and could it be that I’m too high a level to get exp awarded ?
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