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  1. If you're like me, your junk bag tends to get full of pointless junk now and then. Mutagen has a neat feature where you can sell all valuables from your junk bag but you will inevitably be forced to discard things from it manually if you ever let actual junk get in. Using good ol' cheat engine I've made a little .exe trainer that lets you delete your junk bag contents. Maybe it'll help you out. How to use: Run the .exe file, then, in game, press , to enable it. The first slot of your junk bag will become blank. What this means is that in a town, you can click that slot and
  2. Granted. It now brings all the men to the yard. I wish for Ornks to become the subject of religion.
  3. Are you purposefully setting yourself up there? Very well, you receive a cure for cancer, but are also stricken with the cold! My own wish? How about something practical. I wish for a universal, global language to be in use (and the elimination of prior languages).
  4. I fixed mine by installing a mod for ddraw support. The usual method wouldn't work. It wasn't a geneforge-specific mod, rather something for all games like that. It also worked for G2 and G1.
  5. I intend to wait to see what happens with the Geneforge remakes. I have faith that things will be far improved. If they aren't, I'll make a mod, I suppose. Importantly, player choice on Greenwood could solve that last issue wacky mentioned. The player is given the option to be rude... but what if you could actually try to order the people around? Get yourself an escort squad of controllable soldiers that are clearly afraid for their lives by forcing the commander to help you. Then, if any of them died, you get a lovely reaction from the commander. Something like cle
  6. You make some nice points. I do have a single thing to correct though. >Other than the Shaping school which drives the majority of its commerce? They're dead lol. It'd be a primo chance for previously-secretive rebels to spring up. As for the more contemplative points, I think that the canister on harmony isle ruins Lankan. He's presented as a great leader, supposedly a person of great influence. Instead he just chases after this canister blindly. How are we supposed to believe that a person is clever while he behaves like a fool at the same time? A lack o
  7. Could've, Alhoon, could've. I personally think that Zachary is pathetic, but he showed traits of cunning between his otherwise bland character. I think he could've been, and should've been, a mastermind-type guy, and not the weak, regretful person that we got.
  8. This list is opinionated but based on facts. The goal isn't to make fun of the games but to contemplate about what could've been and what could be. Also, the flaws in question aren't actual character flaws (those are good!), but rather lackluster design or writing. I've covered the first three games so far and will move on to the last two soon. Fittingly, G4 and G5 have far less wasted characters. G1: Takers as a whole seem overly nasty. While an open choice is one of the game's themes, there is far, far more reason to join the other two factions, power aside. One of the r
  9. I'm curious as to why you want bigger sprites. Are you making a mech? :]
  10. Dunno if was mentioned before. EFTP: In Patrick's tower there are NPCs called Anji and Kai right next to each other. They might be a reference to Anji and Ky from Guilty Gear. For bonus points, Anji, who is a guy who dresses quite femininely in GG, is a girl in Avernum. I'm curious about whether these two existed in the original trilogy. Ky is an oldie but Anji debuted in 2000. It would be a ridiculous coincidence if the NPCs existed earlier.
  11. Open your window. It will fly out.
  12. Have you tried going to an area that does this, then leaving? Just common sense. Sorry if it doesn't help.
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