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  1. Cairo Jim

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    I'm pretty sure it was E1, then not long later found E2, both on MacFormats back in the day.
  2. Cairo Jim

    Favorite abandonware games?

    Imperialism was a decent one, although recent attempts at playing it were a tad difficult as the versions of it I found were rather Buggy. Deadlock was another good one. There's probably heaps of others, I could flip through a couple abandonware places for quite a while.
  3. Cairo Jim

    Not Experienced But Eager To Learn(Exile Series)

    If I remember right, the Exile games should work perfectly fine while using SheepShaver
  4. Cairo Jim

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    This would be...interesting to see if anything actually comes of it.
  5. Cairo Jim

    Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 1

    That's rather interesting. I'd probably be one of very few (if not only or extremly very few who answered) asexual, but answered no none the less to identifying with the LGBT community. (There's a bit of a split there with some people)
  6. Cairo Jim

    I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Congrats. Speaking of which, I just marked my third anniversary on another forum (thanks to here actually.) Much cake, rum and celebrations!
  7. Cairo Jim

    Hello Everybody.

    We had both our own bedroom plus that other room we got some gear from near the barracks, which was pretty nice actually. I thought so, anyway.
  8. Cairo Jim

    2015 Movies

    There's only two movies that I'm aware of that got released last year, (I don't watch TV or movies often), one being Star Wars, which I enjoyed, and Ip Man 3, which I'm still yet to see.
  9. Cairo Jim

    The Exile II Anniversary Postcard Project

    I think they look pretty cool. Very cool
  10. Cairo Jim

    Return of the Abominable Photo Thread

    Cause bugger it, why not.
  11. Cairo Jim

    What photo editor should I get?

    Artweaver. It does the same sort of basic stuff as paint, with a few nice extra toys to play with.
  12. Cairo Jim

    The Human Rights Poll

    I was trying to bring across something along these lines, but struggled to word it.
  13. Cairo Jim

    The Human Rights Poll

    Well, sure. It was a fairly easy call, although I was over generalising a bit, but comparing the internet to other things that have been brought up made the call easier. Something like plumbing, like Thuryl mentioned, although we survived without it for so long, is related to our survival, and our rights. Having fresh water available and having sewerage disposed of? I'd call that important. Take that away, and a lot of large towns and cities will be rather messy. On the other hand, the internet being temporarily inactive will be more like a toddler losing a toy for most of those people. They won't be happy about it, they'll be inconvenienced. The most physical harm that will come to them is inconvenience. EDIT: Also, is it just me, or does the internet question seem rather frivolous mixed in with questions about euthanasia, torture, the death penalty and so forth?
  14. Cairo Jim

    The Human Rights Poll

    That merely states it's common use amongst (mostly western) civilisation. While it has it's uses, it isn't life critical. It can be quite easily ditched and most peoples lives won't be for the worse.
  15. Cairo Jim

    The Human Rights Poll

    The internet is a luxury, a nice thing to have. While it may make some things easier, it by no means is necessary for day to day living. Civilisation survived for a very long time without it. Food, water and shelter are absolute necessites, and then you have basic personal rights like culture, faith, orientation etc. While the internet may or may not make these things easier in some fashion, it is not needed.