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  1. Out of curiosity, can you give the stats of the weapons you compared?
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    A6 - Question about Tower Colony barrier...

    IIRC, in the 2nd Avernum trilogy, Spellcraft = Magery = Mage spells, when it comes to calculating spell effects. Spell level acts as a point of Spellcraft to that specific spell.
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    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    Began to replay A5, as I don't remember a lot from it. Made an Elite warrior/Frail frontline tank priest Slith and a Deadeye/Frail backline mage Nephil. Chose to play on Torment. An unorthodox and not a meta party, but challenge = fun. Currently, I'm quite close of leaving Exodus. I did have to skip the dagger as well in the ambush before the Docks. Compared to A4 and A6, A5 might have the hardest early game. But as I'm now level 19 and 20, things have slowly began to smooth out. In conclusion, keep on going. It is worth it.
  4. Your skill point spending seems to be ok, even though I wouldn't use a dedicated archer. For me, this seems to be a matter of too high difficulty or you aren't using your characters to their full potential. Some tips: 1) Whenever possible, try to fight as few enemies at a time. Use corridors, lure them out, do anything you can. 2) Don't forget your summoning spells and daze. In the early game, summoned shades deal nice damage and summoned beasts are a nice distraction. 3) Do the simpler jobs and plot quests if possible. Some side quests, especially when it comes to killing enemies, can be quite brutal for a low-level party. Imo, A6 was the easiest of the 2nd trilogy.
  5. As I child, I used to think A3 was the best of the original Avernum trilogy. But as time has passed, I have began to realize that the A3 is actually the weakest of the series. Even though the world feels vast, it gets boring after a while. The plot is quite weak and predictable. On top of that, A3's torment was silly easy.
  6. Swapped Magus Vest for Robe of the Magi. Defeated Rentar on the 2nd try, without the Vahnatai. 5 Wands of Death, 3 Pots of Invulnerabilities, 6 Elixirs of Immortalities, 2 Scrolls of Madness, 2 Scrolls of Group haste, 2 Energy Elixirs, many melee hits, many Lightning sprays and Fireblasts later, the journey is over.
  7. I have finally lost my sanity. Began to replay Avernum 4 on Torment, using one character and only picked the worst disadvantages the game has to offer. I have cleared most areas before Fort Draco. But naturally I don't have Unlock Doors, and don't have Tool Use either - so some areas are unreachable atm. I have had a constant battle with the limited carry limit (currently at 45 Lbs), the lack of hit points (50. I pretty much end up one-shot whenever an enemy hits me), lack of Nature Lore/Tool Use and skill points. I think I won't be able to reach Parry in a long time. It has been a rough ride, and will most likely just get even worse. But I will do it. I will update the topic as I go on. Current stats:
  8. Most likely the lost chapter to my monologue, as I reached the 2nd Fort of Rentar. I beat all the shades, all the testing areas, Dorikas (well, can you call it beating). Nuked the Spire and spared the GIFTS (I mean, how cruel monster one needs to be in order to give their hideout away?). In the end, with really limited NL, I managed to get 14 knowledge brews made to me - and naturally didn't find the Heartstriker Bow. I also could not read a few spell tomes either. But on the other hand, I could not manage to reach Arcane Blow and the Mid-to-high tier Priest spells anyways. If I ever do a Torment singleton run, what would I do differently? 1) I would choose a human. The Slith pole weapon bonus gets quite high. 2) I would put a few more points to Strength, one more to Mage Spells, and would equip the Emerald Chestguard. I would take away a few points from Endurance - as in the late game the enemies barely damage me anyways. Overall, the early game was frustrating. Mid-game was tolerable. Late-game began to be too easy. End-game has been almost trivial. Yet, I still think I could do better (like only using 4 out of 5 skill points given.) What next? I think I'll start another Avernum 5 Torment run with a duo party. Both with one Advantage and one Disadvantage. I think I'm in a need of a more casual run :). The last stats (with and without equipment) and equipment used: -Eliavri's Bow -Incantor's Ring -Flowing Silk Cloak -Answering Gauntlets -Jade Halberd -Clover Boots -Infernal Helm -Airy Vambraces -Clarity Talisman -Magus Vest -Lightning Gird (When needed: Silk-Woven Cord, Crystalline Aegis, Tinker's Bauble and Gloves, Explorer Ring) Stats with items: (Edit. All the hp values on this topic are without Augmentation, ie base values.) Spells: Stats without items: Thanks for the (possible) readers. -Laati
  9. The amount of min-maxing needed depends on the chosen difficulty. If you play on easy or normal, anything can work. But if you play on Torment, some thoughts should be put in. Imo, if played with 4 characters (which I never do), I'd go with: 1) An Elite warrior-based tank Slith with either Divinely Touched (or a disadvantage, if you are a man.) 2) A Nephil archer with Deadeye and Divinely Touched. Also pump up Arcane and Nature Lore to him. 3) A Slith Natural Mage-based mage with either Divinely Touched (or a disadvantage, if you are a man.). Quite self-explanatory. Add some Arcane and Nature lore. 4) A Priest. As Priests don't have armor limitations, pretty much anything goes. Perhaps Pure Spirit and Strong Will. But as silly as it sounds, I'd go with 3 party members only, and combine 3/4 or 2/4.
  10. Reached Abyss. Cleared Rentar's first keep. The battle was tough, as the wisps could permastun, and the Vahnatai helpers were like sheep. Only their leader got through the gates to help me. The Barghan leather worker made some nice armor and gloves. Unfortunately the Parry/Riposte gloves he made are so nice, I'm not sure if I will use the Gloves of the Hammer. I might try to reach one more level of Mage Spells, one to Magical Efficiency and then start to add more Quick Action. Issues: Nothing. Now it has happened. All the battles have felt trivial. Randomizer must be proud of me, as I unlocked the Magical Efficiency Current stats:
  11. Puksis

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    Could you show your characters' skills?
  12. You need to walk to the tower from the back side when on the Underworld. You will, like with other towns, spawn in from a different side.
  13. Shades down. Had to use Invulnerability potions for them. Almaria's one was toughest, as his terror went through decent mental resistance and mind shield spell scroll. Once again, I need money. I think I need around 25.000 to get all the training and spells I want. Mana still runs out quite quickly. Current stats and spells:
  14. Our brave warrior cleared half of the top cave of Fort Emerald, including the Drake. I should now clear the Patrick's Tower, areas next to Almaria and Dharmon. After that, I'll head to Fort Remote, as I got the mission to go there. Spells are still my main damage source, even though I got some Dex and bought the Bows skill from Camp Samuels and have the Acid bow equipped. Got Dispel Barrier around lvl 34. Current issues: Lack of Magical Efficiency. I think I go for it next after getting a point or two in Strength. I might put a few more points to Parry as well. Health is still a bit low, even with Augmentation, as enemies tend to hit like a truck Soviet armored train.
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    Size of Exile

    You could count the amount of squares a town's inside width is, multiply that by 0,80-0,90 meters (roughly the width of a door), and divide the gotten value by the width of the town in the outdoor map.
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    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Fiddlesticks M103 Heavy tank De Tomaso Pantera McDonalds Jesus
  17. Reached Camp Samuels. I have cleared most of the Honeycomb. Slayed the Ogres for the Tower Colony and completed the Lizard Egg trial. Saved the Portal Fixers below Almaria. Tried to fight Nicoduas :P Parry has helped a bit, even though I don't understand the formula. I got 1 point from an item, and it gave 10% chance to parry. Now that I got two points myself, the chance is 20%. Any bit that helps to survive is a plus. Current issues: Damage is falling off a bit. Mana is running out quite fast, but I might equip the +2 Int belt after getting one point in STR and Endurance. (Belt gives +1 Endurance, but the +2 Int belt weights too much..) Current stats (Only new spells have been the Minor summon and Prismatic Shield. Did not bother with Mass Healing or Unshackle mind yet):
  18. It is just highly unfortunate that Dexterity is otherwise quite useless atm. I will not be going in melee combat, and in Torment, enemies will hit no matter how much Dexterity I have :P
  19. Our brave-ish hero has finally reached Tower Colony. I have cleared most of the Easter Gallery (Joe, Ogre, 3 Bandit leaders, Eyebeast and the monster at the bottom left corner are death.) I still haven't stopped the Chitrach infestation and I haven't visited the Slith area across the river. I also cannot visit one area that has Lava bats, as they always get the first initiative and they will two-shot me in one turn. Still, money is an issue, as is the lack of skill points. I think I will stop getting the Parry for now, as I need a lot more Dexterity to get it. I think I'll invest a few points to Priest spells or Spellcraft.
  20. Reached Silvar/Fort Avernum-area. I have mostly cleared areas before Formello, except the ones that require Dispel Barrier or DB crystals and the Drake in Motrax lair. I just can't afford the crystals, even if I found one selling them. I'm sparing for the Defense, NL and Hardiness that can be bought in Silvar and Duvno. Unlock Doors has been a nice help. I can unlock doors up to difficulty 10. Limited carrying capacity and the lack of Hit Points / Augmentation is still an issue. Bolt of Fire and Icy Rain are still my main damage sources. Current stats and spell levels (I might wait for another level up to get a point in Mage Spells):
  21. Began playing Avernum 2, after never completely beating it. As with all Avernums, I play on Torment. (Completed A3,4,5 and 6 on Torment. A3 as singleton (with disadvantages only), A4,5 with a duo and A6 with a trio). I have reached all the way to Fort Remote. I have returned one Crystal soul from the Empire Fort. Currently, I am playing with a Slith-Nephil duo. The Slith has Natural mage and Completely Inept as the character traits. Nephil has Divinely Touched and Completely Inept. Both are at level 47. Both have 283 hit points. Slith has 14 strength, 7 Dexterity, 11 Intelligence, 14 Pole weapons (and 8 Anatomy). Nephil has 17 Intelligence, 18 Priest Spells and 4 Magery. So the questions: -Why the Slith does so little damage with a Blessed Halberd against Guardians (the only way to damage them, as summons don't see them..), even with lvl 3 Beast Ceremony and Heroic Brew? -Why the Nephil heals so little? Does getting the level 3 heal really have such an effect (with the level 2 heal, I tend to heal around 35 points of damage)? The Guardians tend to chew up my Slith faster that I can heal, even when hasted Oh, and please, don't tell me where to find it. I want to find it myself -Is the disadvantage of "Completely Inept" giving higher negative impacts on damage values compared to Avernum 3, as I didn't have a similar issue in it? Or is the Torment just harder in A2 than A3? -OR is the Elite Warrior a "requirement" in order to actually deal damage with a warrior? Sincerely, Laati / Puksis
  22. Began to play A6 after completing A3 singleton (Both of the worst disadvantages) Torment, A4 duo Torment and A5 w/ full party on Torment. My A6 party has a Divinely Touched-Elite warrior Slith, Natural Mage-Brittle Bones Human (Yes, a human) and a Deadeye-Nimble Fingers Nephil. The Slith is meant to be a pole-wielding tank (so no dual-wielding), the Human is an off-tank mage and the Nephil is a archer-thief-priest-Swiss-Army-Knife. So from the start, it didn't sound like an effective party. At the moment, I must be quite close to the end-game. Without spoiling, I have completed Levitt's quests and one of the "certain reptile's ones". At the moment, it feels like the game has given up. The challenge pretty much stopped after The Great portal: Main plot quests have been easy, only one of Gladwell's quests and a few bosses have felt like a challenge. I have 30 knowledge brew, 3 knowledge crystals and 3 knowledge elixirs, yet I feel I have no use for the extra skill points. I most likely have enough arcane lore (Have read highest lvl spells), I can dig all the chests and I can open 90% of the locked doors and traps. Is the game's Torment difficult just easier than previous ones, does the items give too much stats or is min-maxing just less important?
  23. Kinda off-topic, but I wanted to ask a stat-related thing that I could not find on strategy central. What does the + levels of damage in combat actually do? Does it add a die, or as extra levels on melee / pole / archery / spellcraft to the damage formula?
  24. Well, SW games skill tree has always been quite simple. The only difficulty was to get Adrenaline rush to the mage. Luckily most points can be gotten via trainers. The level difference is caused by the XP penalties. Slith has -45 % XP, Nephil has -18 % and the mage has +-0 % -Laati thinks that people getting banished to Avernum or soldiers working at a food depot should not be next to God - thus using the disadvantages quite often.
  25. Made an Excel graph from the stats I have at the moment. The "Total points" is what the game says I have, "From items" are stats from items and "Cost" is how much it costs to put a point into it. N/A means that I can't put points into it or don't have it unlocked yet. As you can see from the graph, the game might give too much XP, thus characters level up too quickly. I didn't need to choose between getting Lethal Blow or Riposte, I could get both. Mage has over 600 mana, and it allows be to spam Arcane blows quite a lot. And the last one has had enough skill points to reach 18 Priest spells, enough Tool use and even some for archery skills (Giving the Heartstriker bow nice amount of damage). Everyone has some NL, AL and FA as well. Keep in mind, I have around 75 skill points as knowledge consumables.