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  1. Thanks! That's great! what about fighting the Nisse?
  2. I can't seem to beat the battles of Humiliate the Ariel, All those plants and Fenig wolves, and Rescuing the prisoners in the Ukat, same, plants and Snakes. Can anyone suggest buffs, weapons and Jewlerery and potions? Also a new character from one of the regions with what given qualities? Characters are at level 21 exp 12555, Playing on Normal difficulty and the only Quests left are: Reclaiming the Ariel The Calamity Returns: I put tutu on statue Istara of Silven Tovic's Advice Aesfeth Ten Fingers High Elvo
  3. Where is the Version info, not seeing it in help or open screen or am I missing it?
  4. TriRodent maybe you can help with this, I'm trying to move my saved games from one laptop to another, the game is installed in the new lap top but when I put the saved games in the documents/spiderweb/avernum 6 saved games they're not visible in the Load Games, any advice on the path of the saved games?
  5. So I used the method you suggested and when I returned to the Tower colony my Mage doesn't have enough points to use the spell. Guess I'll tool around the Honeycomb east of Metris until she gets up to speed, Thanks again.
  6. I considered that, done it in other Averni games and scenarios. Why hide contents? But thank you!
  7. I want to get the Dispel barriers spell but I'm out of Piercing Crystals, any way to look at the circles in the Dark spiral with out them or the spell? Or where to buy piercing crystals?
  8. I can't figure out the back entrance to Erica's tower in AV3 original. I've looked at the walkthroughs. It says enter tower from north but that just brings me to the front/south entrance. If there are false walls I'm not finding them.
  9. So this is something Jeff programs into Avadon and Avernum games, right, I've played them all and there are always bosses that are exceptionally hard. Compared to other fights at that point in the game?
  10. Monster's blessings, please explain. I'm trying to kill the ogre king and it is hard! Any suggestions?
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