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    Hardest/strangest party creation?

    Completed Exile III with a singleton. Was interesting but not that hard except at the very beginning. Thought about trying it for Exile I/II but I couldn't get them to work properly on new systems, and I think inventory management would be a pain. Tried, but didn't get far with: -singleton pacifist (it's almost impossible do actually deal any damage, you can't even summon - at least not in combat) -"lucky idiot" - singleton with rubbish stats, but huge Luck (lots of running away in the beginning; loses its appeal later on as you improve your stats) -no spellcasters - HD crash wiped out save. It was interesting, though. You can open magically-locked doors using Piercing Crystals, but I'm not sure if it works in all 3 games. Ideas I've had but never tried: -6 priests or 6 mages -Exile III party with all disadvantages
  2. Fireball Fodder

    Spellcasting weapons and armour?

    Some of the items with charges are pretty good though regardless of whether you use their ability, as far as I remember. The Ruby Helm and Emerald Helm are good, and I believe there's a good Halberd that can shoot ice bolts (Runed Halberd? I forget, it's been so long ago). Basically, treat these as good items that can occasionally lob an attack spell.
  3. Fireball Fodder

    Avernum 5 - Anatomy skill

    Well I tried stripping off all my items and still no luck. I even tried increasing both Melee and Pole Weapons to 8 and it still doesn't let me get anatomy...
  4. Fireball Fodder

    Avernum 5 - Anatomy skill

    So what exactly do I need to unlock Anatomy? I have the skills listed in the walkthrough (4 Intelligence - costs 7 + 8 Melee/Pole - costs 8) and I still can't put points in the skill. Am I supposed to do some quest first?
  5. Fireball Fodder

    Size of Exile

    Nah, it's just the lands you can access in Exile I. The Vahnatai lands and Upper Exile are fairly small, though, but it's implied you only get to see a small part of the former.
  6. Fireball Fodder

    Size of Exile

    Good point about the camping. I believe that there are only one or two camps in the Great Cave - one is between Almaria and the Tower of the Magi, and I think there's another one far to the west. I actually checked the Silvar-Fort Exile and Fort Duvno-Fort Exile distances in Exile I and they're approximately correct, allowing for imprecise measuring since cartography seems to be in its infancy in the Exile universe. Looks like Avernum is far less consistent.
  7. Fireball Fodder

    Size of Exile

    Seeing the maps posted in one thread, I thought to myself, so how big is Exile anyway? The only clear indicator of distances we have are the ones marked on the signs, which imply 1 square = 1 mile. So, going by this, Exile has 7x6 outdoor sections, each being 48x48 miles. This would make its total area 336 x 288 miles = 99,768 square miles, or 258,397.9 square kilometers (though this also includes all the impassable cave walls). This means it is roughly comparable to New Zealand or the UK. The nation of Exile, by my rough estimate, controls approximately 40% of this territory (though in many areas this hold is obviously not at all firm), making it similar in size to Iceland, Hungary, or Portugal. However, Exile III adds another dimension: time. We know how much ground a party can cover in one day. I haven't tried this out yet, though, going by memory, it would make the dimensions of Valorim far smaller. That said, there's no real indication the scale in Exile I/II is the same as in Exile III. Any thoughts? How does this stand up when compared to the impression you gained while playing the game?
  8. Fireball Fodder

    Exile I - Windows Vista - "NTVDM.exe is not responding"

    Hi, I know this is an ancient topic, but I have exactly the same problem with Exile III on Win7 (32-bit). I've tried looking around the internet for a solution, but no dice. Has someone by any chance found a solution to this in the meantime? Funny thing is, I don't seem to have the problem with Exile I, but only Exile III.
  9. I vaguely seem to remember getting the Mace of Disruption in E3 via random drop, but I'm not sure.
  10. Fireball Fodder

    Questions about certain spells

    Yes, that's the most likely explanation. Do you guys mean the person with the red shirt and black cloak with some kind of spell suspended above his/her hand? That's the graphic he gets in BoE, but in my copy of Exile II "he" is what looks like a woman with long hair wearing blue robes.
  11. Fireball Fodder

    Questions about certain spells

    I've experimented in Exile II and can confirm that Force and Ice walls have the same duration (ok, chance of disappearing to be precise) even in that game, despite the fact that the in-game help claims otherwise. Off-topic, but minor issue: is it just my copy of the game, or does Feodoric (male name) from the pre-generated party in Exile II use a female graphic by default?
  12. Fireball Fodder

    Questions about certain spells

    Ok, thanks for the quick and informative reply! The reason I asked about Wall of Ice is that Exile II claims ice fields last "much longer" than force fields.
  13. Fireball Fodder

    Questions about certain spells

    So I have a few questions about certain spell mechanics, and I was hoping someone with knowledge of the code could enlighten me... Spark - what kind of damage is it? Dumbfound - does it reduce enemy magic levels, or is it just a Mage version of the Curse spell? Wall of Ice - does it last longer than Wall of Force? Or is it just the same spell, but with a different damage type? Major Haste - is there any reason to cast this instead of Major Blessing (i.e. is the effect more powerful or does it last longer?) Symbiosis - is there any reason to cast this instead of a healing spell?
  14. Fireball Fodder

    What's the Strongest Spell in BoE?

    Most powerful spell in general: Major Blessing. For 8sp you get both blessed and hasted, meaning all your guys are harder to hit, your warriors become much better in combat, and your mages can cast 2 or 3 spells from next turn onwards. It's almost always the first spell I cast in combat. Plus, in the Exile series you can usually get it early in the game. Though I must admit Bless is also a good candidate for the reasons mentioned by previous posters, plus the fact that it's so cheap and available to starting PCs. If I went by level: Mage L1-3 - Sleep Cloud. Incredibly useful early in the game since it can affect several targets and they rarely resist. L4 - Slow Group. Having your enemies lose every other turn is extremely useful. Also, you often get it before Major Haste and it costs less SP. L5 - Major Haste. Like Major Blessing, but weaker. Still very good. (Dispel Barrier for singletons) L6 - Antimagic Cloud. Makes fighting certain monsters much easier. L7 - Major Blessing. Explained above. Not bad even for singletons, at least before you get Avatar. Priest L1-3 - Bless. Explained above. L4 - Curse All. Good for making lots of melee opponents helpless, helps your fighters kill off tough enemies. L5 - Bless Party. Like Bless, but better. (Flamestrike for singletons) L6 - Revive. Others have already said why. L7 - Avatar. Ditto.
  15. Fireball Fodder

    Silver Gauntlets

    Hm, you're right, they can be activated... but they seem bugged since not only do they have no effect, but you don't lose any AP for doing so either. I've also done some tests and can confirm that they do *not* give any protection against magic or fire. Therefore, I must conclude that unless they give some hidden passive bonus to armor value, they are indeed useless. At least you can sell them for 400 gold...