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  1. Whom are you addressing, Kelandon?
  2. As I understand it, American centrist is international conservative. American liberal is international centrist. American conservative is international fascist. Our politics skew heavily more conservative than the rest of the developed world. Bernie Sanders simply proposes the standards of government the rest of the developed world actually uses to good effect, in reality, and is called an unrealistic crackpot like it could never in a million years work.
  3. I don't know how the terms originated politically or are used internationally,but on a literal level, when I think of "liberal" I think "give more", and when I think of "conservative" I think "retain more". So liberalism would give more money to public programs and allow more freedom, whereas conservatism would save more money and reduce the freedom to do whatever you want to varying extents. That's how I keep my head from hurting, anyway.
  4. I do that too; if you want to do that, at least use the Edit Reason field to describe the change.
  5. Should ought must have-to need-to Dangerous, dangerous words.
  6. Yeah, I couldn't see the questions; I clicked the poll link and it wanted me to fill it out again, so I just guessed. I didn't remember in what manner social vs economic issues were characterized. Now that you've described it, though, I'm not sure those labels actually represent political terminology even in America. While Liberal and Conservative have fairly clear meanings in both economic and social terms, I'm not sure they were accurately reflected as you describe, and Libertarian and Communist are inherently socioeconomic labels which can't really be stuck on only one of those two scales and still make sense. I do think the questions would therefore have been improved had the labels not been used.
  7. For the record, I didn't say he was crazy. I try not to use "crazy" as an insult.
  8. This, AFAIK, is not liberal anywhere; however, the poll described this as LiberTARIAN, not LiberAL. Liberal was a different choice, indicating higher government controls and regulations over the market, with limited or no authority over how people conduct their personal lives.
  9. My issue with having multiple windows is that I have frequently had issues, in legacy and OBoE, where the windows are in the wrong order or not selected properly and I have to untangle it to proceed. Also, I don't have this issue now that I have a solution with Wine's emulated desktops figured out, but dialogs often appear on the wrong monitor in my dual monitor setups instead of following around the main window. There are probably solutions for this, but I still would prefer a unified window to keep things neat.
  10. EDIT: nvm
  11. I read the first chapter of "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes" about two weeks ago. Haven't picked it up since, although I hope I can settle down to continue at some point. Foxy the Pirate and Balloon Boy are still my favorites. I don't know if I ever posted that here, but in person, I don't shut up about how much I like Foxy and BB.
  12. Quoted for emphasis.
  13. So my shirt shop is officially going dormant. While this thread is here though, who knows ornithology? Try to identify the birds! Some of them are based on specific species and some are not, but they're all based on real-world birds. I hope they're at least recognizable as birds, even if they're not identifiable for what birds they're based on. Zoomed in 3x for visibility. Answers, left to right, from top row down:
  14. I exclusively use print on demand shops - Zazzle for pinback buttons and Galloree for everything else. My mom bought a shirt a couple weeks ago. Otherwise literally nothing has sold for over a year, and even then it wasn't more than about three customers. (Except one hipstery recently-legal-to-burn plant design sold three copies on the Spreadshirt marketplace before I switched to Galloree. It frustrated me because I have no interest in the subject matter but it was the only one selling.) Some of these, especially the very low-res ones, may fit well enough in a a computer game I'll hopefully be making in the future with a friend. If the game sells, THEN attachments to elements of it might form and people might want to buy some of it. I can even group all the gameish things together on a page and have the other stuff still available once people are drawn in by the game merch, and even if now hopefully I'll be making enough money from the game and merch that I won't need it.
  15. Sylae, is there any chance you'll become active in the development team again? You seem like you're still at least somewhat enthusiastic about the project.