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  1. Oh, thanks. It's 3 meat shanks, by the way, says Slarty in this thread, and I recall that being accurate from previous playthroughs. Or playpartlythroughsandgetdistracted. I swear, this time I'll complete it! I beat Exile 1 and couldn't finish Exile 2, and got as far as Limoncelli's fortress where the difficulty took a sharp uptick and got frustrated. I got as far as the golems in Exile 3 and maybe Avernum 3 but couldn't beat them. The remake remakes have Casual Mode though!
  2. Hi, could someone please edit the starting post to add the meat shanks and bag of sugar to the list? Thanks. I get confused every time I start over and look here, almost forgetting about those two quests.
  3. The USA flag in particular uses particularly dark, muted shades of red and blue called Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue. The other countries' flags tend to be a bit brighter IIRC.
  4. Spiderlicious 2 and C&C both use roughly the same color scheme, but the shades are slightly different. Is one closer to the classic UBB scheme than the other? Anyway, I'm using C&C. It is swell. One thing I notice is on Spiderlicious 2, the text in the upper-right, with the notifications and profile options, are white on light gray. Not easy to read. C&C adds a red box behind it. Actually muted red, white, and muted blue are kinda Americaish. I'm pretty certain none of the themes use actual, official Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue, but somehow the new themes remind me more of the American flag than the previous version did. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
  5. All I see there is "Privacy Policy". I'm guessing there's supposed to be a drop down box, but I don't see one, and there's nothing in my profile or account settings for themes either.
  6. The Who's bassist was named John Entwistle, with no H in his last name. He made a solo album called "Whistle Rymes", named to poke fun at the constant misspelling. I have not yet encountered that character, but just worth noting. If you find any likely looking Rogers, Daltreys, Pete(r)s, Towns(h)ends, Keiths, or Moons, or any of their prominent characters from their songs, who are somehow connected to Entwhistle the Avernum character, that might make sense, but not sure why he'd only name someone after John specifically. Except one of his signature songs is "Boris the Spider", come to think of it. If there's any other link with that, that'd be something, but I would be surprised. I think I pointed out all these unlikely possibilities earlier in the thread too (there are towns named Moon and Port Townsend in E/A3 for example) but I think those were all dismissed as coincidences.
  7. I'm pretty sure they granted the graphics to us under whatever license we need.
  8. Oh, well then there's no issue I guess. What about Luz's, Tim's, and Milu's graphics that we picked out? Those would be GNU GPL 3.0+ as well.
  9. I don't know. The cave floor changed to white, the walls became slightly less blue and changed shape, slightly different trees, rocks, and stone brick walls, totally different stone floor rune, and other stuff that seem like minor, unnecessary changes. Possibly the cave floors changed because in VoDT and ASR, there are caves which are not in Exile and therefore wouldn't have the glowing fungus. The rest, I don't know. We've included all of it in OBoE with Mr. Hunter's blessing, although as he points out it's really Spidweb's blessing we need, since the graphics were sold to Spidweb for a lump sum.
  10. Yes, Save As... works though. Save not working we knew about, but it resets the boats...? Could you do one of those Github issue things, please? I'll point CM here, in the meantime.
  11. Maybe this is simply put: If it's NOT in the original BoE source release, but it IS in the trilogy, it is NOT officially GPL. Otherwise, it's under GNU GPL 3.0+ and can be used.
  12. The Exile Trilogy graphics that were included with Blades of Exile are available under GNU GPL 3.0+, along with BoE original graphics. The ones that weren't (blue-green cave floor, etc.) are entirely owned by Spiderweb Software, says the artist who made them, Andrew Hunter. Jeff has not gotten back to me on whether he wants to release them under the same license. I suspect Jeff doesn't like me as much as I like him and he doesn't seem to want to bother with BoE in general. You can try to email him if you want, or you can use the graphics included with BoE. The Open BoE project has a number of additional graphics (some by yours truly) under the same license. There's a pretty decent set to work with there, even without the Exile Trilogy-only graphics. Just be careful because we may or may have included the additional trilogy-only graphics (I forget if CM committed them to the current build yet) on more of an assumption that it's OK than an explicit permission.
  13. There is at least one other, non-uranium item that causes chronic illness too. Uranium is usually the culprit, mind you. Check the flavor text of items by hovering over them in your inventory. Some of it isn't just silly jokes about sliths' lack of pants. If it looks fishy, it may be because it is fishy. Or radioactive, cursed, etc. There's a set of very silly items and equipment with bizarre traits and abilities in Avernum 3. Hopefully the upcoming remake will keep them or even make them more amusing than before. If they are, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for strange abilities and stat effects.
  14. Geneforge is all about that gray morality. If you help one good guy, another good guy dies. There's no real happy endings, heroes, or justice in the Geneforge series, so if that's what you care most about, look elsewhere. I know little about Avadon. I am given to believe it is also fairly gray-morality-based, but not nearly as much as Geneforge. I think there are mostly two main stories in each game, pro-Redbeard&co and anti-Redbeard&co, as opposed to a dozen endings in Geneforge, and it comes down to choosing who you sympathize with the most. But again, I have very, very limited Avadon knowledge and may be wrong. Beyond that I can't help you with that. I know little about Nethergate. I know the basic premise but have not actually played it or read many spoilers. You say you've played all the Avernum and Exile games. Does this include Blades of Avernum and Blades of Exile? I know BoE and BoA both have "The Valley of Dying Things" and "The Za-Khazi Run", which are fun adventures with people to connect with and save, and there are a number of user-made scenarios which meet that paradigm as well. Open BoE is free but doesn't really work properly at the moment. I know people are regaining interest in BoA with Chessrook's Let's Plays, and I believe due to its age it may be reasonably priced. If you want to try it, download the demo first, and make sure it actually runs on your computer. It's 13 years old. If it doesn't run properly there are probably tweaks others can advise you on performing, which will get it to run.
  15. If there's a limit, it'd be many digits long. Effectively there's none either way. Same goes for items, monsters, towns... I think CM still put a hard limit on outdoor maps but I'm not sure.