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  1. There are four Vahnatai PC graphics on the far right of this file. The ones on the top half are the regular standing, and the ones on the bottom half are the attacking poses.Kelyar-Ihrno made the top one but I just finished the other three today. How do they look? I suspect there are some issues with the way I rendered the hammered-fungus ponchos they wear. Any pointers on how to polish them up are much appreciated. EDIT: Also I'm really questioning that waveblade guy's attack pose. Like, really, really questioning it. Like, ugh. I'll wait for feedback before I do it over though.
  2. *offers a fresh cassowary plum*
  3. Early next year, according to Jeff, according to multiple sources on these forums. I haven't talked to Jeff about it myself but people here say they have and that he said early next year, if all goes well.
  4. Go Back will only work for the responses included in the core personality: Look, Name, Job, and no response. Any time you use a separate talk node, Go Back won't work. It's supposed to but it doesn't at the moment.
  5. Maybe the troglodytes will be ogres, the alien beasts will be hellhounds, and the roaches will be worms. I hope not. I'm making the graphics for a game. The limit isn't budget because I'm working for free with promise of royalties if the game sells. The limit is that I suck. I need to make animated characters and the closest I've come is making my non-animated winged demon lady bob up and down in the air with a shadow that shrinks and grows, a la old Final Fantasy games. So I get where he's coming from. It's still disappointing.
  6. The hydra nest was one of my favorite parts of E/A2. I was not happy when I found out they were hellhounds in A2:CS. As for slimes and chitrachs, Jeff already has slime assets which he used in the first two games, so I'm not concerned about that. They're actually pretty nice although there's something special about Exile 3 slimes that I doubt will be replicated.
  7. The Exile Trilogy is freeware and Blades of Exile is FOSS. In a certain light, you could say everyone on Earth legally owns a copy of all four, even if they haven't put their rightful copies on their computers yet.
  8. I don't actually remember if I filled it out. Did I? I remember it but it's possible I didn't finish it. Or maybe I ignored your warning and neglected to press the Submit button. Also, there should have been a FNAF fandom option.
  9. OH, FINE. Next you'll tell me that deer are actually armadillos and discouraging words are actually compliments!
  10. I'd been curious about the odd use of the word "antelope" in the song "Home on the Range" for quite a long time, and I finally looked it up. Antelope are not found in the Americas, as I thought, but the song actually refers to the pronghorn, which some at the time were calling an antelope.
  11. Huh. Dik-diks are pretty interesting. I never cared much for deer in general though, except for moose.
  12. Disappointing, but thanks anyway.
  13. I have prepared this poll for one burning question, because it was passed over for the Grand Spiderweb Poll. There are actually many, many species of even-toed ungulates, and they actually include cetaceans and hippos. I actually was thinking exclusively of members of the Ruminantia taxon. Even then there's a lot of them so I just picked a few of the ones I personally think are amusing. Which is your favorite from this list?!
  14. Whom are you addressing, Kelandon?
  15. As I understand it, American centrist is international conservative. American liberal is international centrist. American conservative is international fascist. Our politics skew heavily more conservative than the rest of the developed world. Bernie Sanders simply proposes the standards of government the rest of the developed world actually uses to good effect, in reality, and is called an unrealistic crackpot like it could never in a million years work.