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  1. I just tried on os 10.12.4 with the same version of N:R and it opened fine for me.
  2. You need a gray pass and you need to have a boat and explore the waterfall warrens. In them you will find the Halls of Chaos which has two levels. There are NorthEast and SouthWest defense controls that you need to activate at different times to open gates that lead to stairs down to the lower level. There are also controls where you need to put objects in boxes to activate. The objects can be found scattered around the upper level. Both the upper and lower levels are divided into four separate areas that you have to use the various gates and stairs to access. The chaos codes themselves are in a chest in the southeast section of the lower level.
  3. Thank you. I don't do it often, but I do like to periodically look at the list. The sort by function gives several options to arrange the, admittedly long, search results.
  4. There are a limited set of colors to use that provide good contrast without seeming glaring and the red, blue and green colors that are being used are pretty good. Once a topic has enough posts, green appears more than the red and blue do. The scheme simply uses the basic RGB colors. Of course red, white and blue give you the USA, UK, Russia and French flags in addition to probably 25% or more of all the nations in the world (thanks to the UK).
  5. I just switched to spiderlicious just to make things a little different. I will probably switch back to default in a week or so. There is a lot of wasted space in default, but I prefer it to the C&C, because it seems prettier to me. Also, it seems harder with the new software to ignore posts in certain topics (I happen to not be interested in GF). I figured it out, but it was harder. Also, the ability to see the list of members seems to have gone away as well.
  6. If you are talking about Neray the smuggler, this is just a side quest and you should be able to continue playing the game without completing this.
  7. The stairs down are only reachable by boat and are in the very HW corner of the 2nd level.
  8. The deeps is the 3rd level. From what I remember, you have to use a boat on the second level to get to the stairs down on the third level. The triangle are scattered all over, including three in one place on the 3rd level.
  9. That is too much work for me. I tend to put more points in tool use/lock picking early to that I can open everything. I also wish that there was a better way of highlighting places that I "have" to go back to because of lock level or lack of other token.
  10. I make sure that I have seen every square, but I do not move through every square.
  11. It is supposed to, and I have the impression that it does, but I am not sure how much it has been tested.
  12. The reference to "in the beginning" is that mages have the option of getting a trait that allows them to wear more armor and still cast spells. No matter what, your mage will always be able to cast spells of any level as long as their total penalty is no greater than -5%. As you increase your abilities, there are ways to increase this in increments of 5% so that you can cast spells despite wearing armor of -30%.
  13. Do you have arcane lore of 10 or higher?
  14. No, there is not anything that shows your party's total TU or AL.
  15. The immunities are granted by the presence of the summons, so you may need to destroy some of the summonsed creatures (hold down shift key to see what they grant immunity to). You definitely should have Nathalie with you for this fight because she has so many different types of damage available to her.