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Geneforge 3 Issue.

A Lost Cat

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So I installed the demo, and went to load up the game. it immeadatly crashed. Gave me a message


Unhandled Exception:c0000005

At Address: 0040c4d9


Please help me fix this idiotic error ASAP. Please... I really want to play.


Additional info:

OS: Windows XP SP1


Also OpenGl Doesnt seem to work properly. I'm hoping this isnt the reason for my inability to run the program.

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People seem to have this same issue with Diablo 2 -- here is a thread on it. Maybe one of the suggestions would work for you?




Also, I second what Tyranicus said about being on SP1 -- please update, as you never know what could be causing the error. I would do that and make sure DirectX is updated first.

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