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Trojan horse in Geneforge 3 demo


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The makers of Fox News are trying to control your mind.


There is a secret mindwave radar in Area 51 that is broadcasting subliminal messages.


Do not turn on your Television, or watch these channels. Do so at the risk of becoming a mindless, drooling slave at the hands of the right-wing media and the communists.






Alternatively, it might just be a bug in the Antivirus software.

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It is possible that what you say is true.


It is far, far more likely that your antivirus software is possessed by the Devil. I recommend calling an exorcist at your earliest convenience.


On a more serious note, antivirus software has a tendency to flag anything remotely suspicious as potential malicious activity, even when it's actually completely innocent.

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Problems with AVG Antivirus by Grisoft


We have recently been unhappy to find that the AVG Antivirus problem has a bug which causes it to report that installers of our games contain a Trojan Horse. We have checked our programs, and they are currently completely safe and virus-free. (And, if you run a different antivirus program on them, you will find that they have no problems.)


We are working hard to try to get AVG Antivirus to fix this flaw in their software. In the meantime, it will only allow you to install our games if you disable it first.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. At this point, the only good workaround we can give for this problem is to switch to antivirus software that is not buggy. Many apologies while we try to get them to fix the problem.


In the meantime, if you wish to report this problem to them directly, their support page is at




and Grisoft's phone number is 973-218-0688.

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