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Win BoA bug : Inventory bug.


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I've found a problem that causes stackable items not to stack. I picked up a ruby and gave it to my 1st character, then later when I found another ruby and tried to give it to mt first charater instead of stacking, it took up a new slot. I had the same problem with several other items including Fine Razordisks, crossbow bolts, and Emeralds. no matter what I do the problem persists.

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The items were defininatly identified, and the stacks weren't even near 100 (although I wouldn't mind having 100 fine razordisks or rubies) and it happened in the first scenerio I played and continues to happen throughout. No matter what I try certain things refuse to stack. I get the feeling that it might be a problem with the item identification system. the system seems to identify some of the identical items as two different sets of the same item..

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