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  1. Hmm. That's a bit annoying. I used to use closing doors as an alternative to fighting when i need to collect things for quests. I'm rather disappointed by this. It almost feels like a downgrade, especially since I'm playing on a computer and not a tablet. ;_; Is there a mod that changes just this?
  2. Hello. It's been about a decade since I played Avernum (The first release set) and I decided to play it up again and bought the new release. I can't seem to close doors. I'm not sure if my game is glitched, but from the way I remember playing, closing doors mattered for things like sneaking. How do I fix this?
  3. Oh. Thanks anyways. Guess I'm tuck with an unfinished quest then. Oh well.
  4. I killed the undead in the Mertis Spiral before going to Mertis and geting the "Cauldron-Spawn" job. How do I fix this?
  5. I hate to bump an old topic, but I am interested in trying out the editor you made, Red_Sage. If possible, could you mail it to drl136 [at] yahoo [dot] com?
  6. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: A4 won't have a scenario editor. Jeff has said that he won't make another game with a scenario editor for several years at the least. Where is the info about A4 other than it is going to be made? I can't find it anywhere...
  7. *praises Drakefyre* THANK YOU! You don't know how much you just helped me. THANK YOU!
  8. The items were defininatly identified, and the stacks weren't even near 100 (although I wouldn't mind having 100 fine razordisks or rubies) and it happened in the first scenerio I played and continues to happen throughout. No matter what I try certain things refuse to stack. I get the feeling that it might be a problem with the item identification system. the system seems to identify some of the identical items as two different sets of the same item..
  9. Actually, there is a LOT of vahniatai tiles missing for BoA that were in A2 and A3, both floor and terrain.
  10. I went through the floor tiles and couldn't find the blueish-green vahnatai floor tiles. Are the included with the editor?
  11. I've found a problem that causes stackable items not to stack. I picked up a ruby and gave it to my 1st character, then later when I found another ruby and tried to give it to mt first charater instead of stacking, it took up a new slot. I had the same problem with several other items including Fine Razordisks, crossbow bolts, and Emeralds. no matter what I do the problem persists.
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