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If you are referring to void put_item_on_spot(short loc_x,short loc_y,short what_item) there is no call that makes an item contained or otherwise. You can manually make an item contained by choosing Shift + S, clicking on the square containing the item and then clicking on the line that says "Not Contained".

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Oddly, if you put an object on a container it WILL be contained-- or at least half contained. The player will have to search the container to get the item, but the item will appear on top of the container.


Personally I prefer a twist on what Thuryl is talking about. Place the object in a container but have a block_entry() called whenever the player searches until whatever conditions are met so that the player can find the item. Alternatively, hidden containers containing items (with a block_entry()) toggled to visible containers (without a block_entry()) can be useful as well if the space wasn't originally a container.

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Originally written by Lazarus.:
Or just specobj with a flag/item/whatever check in the state it calls.
That's the way I do it, and it's so damn easy. Place a specobj terrain script on a container, set memory cell 0 to 10 (or whatever), and then add this in the town script:

beginstate 10; //or whatever   if(get_flag(0,1) == 0) { //if the condition isn't met...      block_entry(1); //stop them getting the loot      message_dialog("You can't open this chest yet,",""); //and maybe leave them a message   }break; 
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