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What about a solo Guardian?

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I know that the lore is that Agents are the hardest class to play, but that does not match my experience. I have the most trouble with Guardians. I end up spending too much time healing, which is NOT a good use of the Guardian's skills. (If I could Shape a Healer of some sort, that would be awesome!)


So I am thinking about trying a solo Guardian. I'm guessing the hardest part would be when faced with mobs. The Guardian mostly has to take them down one at a time. The new weapon shaping skills look promising - they might fill the gap to some extent, but is it enough?


Would a combo melee/missile Guardian work in this scenario, or does that spread the skills too thin? Especially if I want to put a little into Blessing Magic as well? Am I overthinking this?


Thoughts? Suggestions?


p.s. I play on Normal

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A solo guardian can get through the game even on torment difficulty. It's fun to play although it takes a while to figure out some fights. There are only a few boss fights that are really hard like in Gazak-Uss.


Get by level 3 daze spell and mental magic using skill points. This handles swarms for the first half of the game.  Getting more mental magic to get dominate (charm) is optional.


You want blessing magic to get essence shield. It will also allow you to fully buff before starting most fights.


Get healing craft at least through regenerate. 


Early in the game train in East Medab with Brodus Blade in chain lightning. The energy damage always hits so even if you miss with you regular hit you will do damage. This is the first weapon shaping to deal with swarms too. Later when you reach the Loyalist Encampment you can get searing spray unless you've already joined a faction. Otherwise plan on spending a lot of money on training.


Lifedrain on single target attacks heals 20% of damage and with regenerate will handle a lot of your healing problems. You have the strength to wear more and heavier armor to reduce damage.


Split between melee and missile weapons skills. There are fights where one works better like exploding creations or being able to do more damage to kill a target in a single hit. There is no right answer to which is better. Melee does more damage, but missile lets you fight from a distance, pick off foes, and retreat to avoid a swarm.



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There's quite a bit of Guardian advice (including for solo runs) at Guardians need a buff. My personal take (with more details at Guardians need a buff (comment 328597)): I always play solo Guardians (and in G4-G5, solo serviles), and find them extremely fun and viable, recognizing I don't ever play on Torment (like the OP, I usually play GF games on Normal, and very occasionally on Veteran).

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1 minute ago, Magenta said:

Excellent! This is what I was looking for and with good detail. And just in time, too. I finally finished up with Gazak-Uss so I'll probably be starting with my Guardian tomorrow. Thanks for the tips.

For guardian, I would suggest "touching up" the spores, pods etc to increase their level. But that is me. 

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1 hour ago, Magenta said:

Touching up?


I will be brief: GF2itemschars.txt. 


begindefineitem 228;
    import = 220;
    it_name = "Armor Pod"; 
    it_graphic_sheet = 5;
    it_which_icon_ground = 4;    
    it_which_icon_inven = 5;

    it_level = 8;
    it_ability = 255;

    it_value = 70;


The first purple line is the one that I would change to move Armor pods from level 3 to level 8. 

The 2nd purple line is the one that I would add to give Armor pods higher value to reflect... their higher value. 

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