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Newbie question - Do conflicting side quests affect the story?


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I'm new to the game series, so pardon if this is something considered as common knowledge. I did try to browse the subforum for answers though couldn't find any.


I initially got the quest "Angevine in Exile" but when I confronted her, got another sidequest "Ahmed's Libram". If I refuse to follow what I was tasked to do, would that affect the ending or my moral standing in the game (if such a thing exists)? 


If I also steal or do other crimes, would it also impact the ending I got? 🤔 


Also when I finish the Avadon series, what series should I go for next? Geneforge? Queen's Wish? Is there a lore that connects all the series together? Should I be playing them in a certain order?

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Most of those quests don't make a difference. They are there to give you a sense of morality and might make you feel good if you are doing what you think is morally right. Or it might make you disgusted at the corrupt society. There are some that you might do because they give better rewards, but you don't know that until you've play through a few times or look in Strategy Central to see what other players have posted as the results.


Personally I'm disgusted not with getting bribed, but at how cheaply they know they can get away with it.


Crimes in general don't affect yer ending. The main determination is what you do at the very end of the game. Some things you so like the Hands quest will decide whether they help you at the end.


There is no definite answer on what series to play next. It depends upon what type of games you like since they have different gam play style. Queen's Wish is the newest series and Avadon was the next. Avernum and Geneforge are much older and are getting remakes to update the games to newer computers and add content.


If you look around there still might be topics discussing how the game worlds are related to each other. To long to discuss. :)


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Beta testers will need donations since Geneforge 2 -The Infestation (remake) is starting soon. :)

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