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Canister Question (Possible Spoiler)


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It depends upon the game. Pretty much use too many and you get angry at dealing with idiots.


Geneforge 1 - Mutagen requires you to use one canister to open the door in the Docks to play the game.

Bothe versions of Geneforge 1 give different dialogue when you use more than a certain number of canisters and if you use the Geneforge.


Geneforge 2 and 3 both change dialogue above a certain number.


Geneforgre 4 require you to use a modified Geneforge to play the game. Also changes dialogue above a certain number.


Geneforge 5 doesn't really matter since only a few places changed the dialogue.

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It affects one of the 3 major endings in Geneforge Mutagen, and only changes one of the lines. Since canisters are about the only way to learn new spells/creatures in Mutagen (it doesn't have the training system the other games have), I really don't recommend trying to limit your canister intake unless you want to do a challenge run.

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