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HUGE SPOILER: Ending Questions, Kranas and Dhaga


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I tried to take a middle-of-the-road position that put an emphasis on sympathetically fixing problems while making it clear that, at the end of the day, Ro was still going to be a vassal. I dedicated forts to the Ro, gave them tribute at the Erudico Tower, cleared up the druid groves while sparing them, appointed a new governor in Kranas, allied with the Low Dhagans as much as I could while leaving the same crappy governor in place until Haven could find a legal replacement, killed the rebel witch at the oasis, and more. I was quite displeased with the ending I got though.


For reference, in Queen's Wish: The Conquerer, I allied with the Brokk, Owen, and Trench Towns, while crushing the Nisse and not offending Sutter. Haven got most of what it wanted, while the lives of the majority of the poorer people Haven was reconquering were bettered as well.


Can I get the Kranas Wood and Low Dhaga as allies at the final battle as a Pro Ro character if I:



Killed or flogged the druid taking children to die.


Banned human sacrifice. Might this be more acceptable if I let the druid go?


Told the Low Dhaga Raasa that I am planning on giving women rights.



Did everything else Pro Ro. Made it clear that Haven will treat its vassals well, appointed new governors, built a reputation as a Ro sympathizer that does more for the Ro than for Haven, and all that.


I realize that a truly happy ending isn't likely, but I'm looking for the best possible ending for Ro and for Haven, which seems to be a Ro advocate. Yet, I can't tolerate leaving sick children in the woods to die or keeping women down like that.







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To get some things you have to make  morally unpleasant choices. both areas want their traditions upheld. 


If you destroy any groves the first thing you notice is theft chances can increase in Kranas Woods. Also merchant will stop trading with you. The tree huggers are very sensitive to their peculiar practices.

Saving all the groves may help you avoid fighting them in Prova Krug.


Low Dhaga is very traditional about their practices especially with their women. Helping women causes the theft rates to increase.

You need a very, very high Ro faction score to avoid the fight with them in Prova Krug.


To get the best endings you need to go to Prova Krug and win. Not impossible on even torment difficulty with penalties from thefts. Anything else is a balance between pleasing your mom, the queen, and the Ro.

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Hmmm, how high is high? I mean, I dedicated 4-5 forts to the Ro, donated all the things I could with the Erudico, and saved all the groves, and Kranas still turned on me. This was after I made the royal family royally furious by dumping their corrupt governor.



Sadly, I guessed from the dialogue in my crappy ending that the rebellion was going to occur no matter what. I'm trying to figure out how to get the best ending possible for Haven and the Ro.


I realize that I'll have to go around being a sucker for the Ro in my current playthrough, but I'm wondering if it is possible to make the morally decent choice about the druid that leaves children to die and about women in Dhaga and still get Kranas and Dhaga to side with you.


Also, if I have to dedicate all of my forts to the Ro I'd have to restart, as I have one dedicated to Industry already... Still, I'd rather do that than play the whole game and figure out that 1-2 forts cost me a better ending.


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I think I might have gone even furher. Every time I was presented with a choice I tried to pick the obviously "difficult but morally good" one every time, rather than the "expedient but repugnant" choice, regardless of whom it might upset.


At the end, all the Ro sided with me except for the one who had a pre-scripted fight which was going to happen no matter what, so the final fight was reasonably easy. But then the ending text made it clear that I'd somehow screwed up and ended up sidelined and powerless for my pains.


Meh. Fair enough. Can't please everyone, and I deliberately chose not to pick the "Haven is always right, no matter what" choices, so that's the ending I got. But I have to wonder just how downright evil and nasty I'd have had to be to get a "good" ending which sang my praises...


Don't really fancy another run through just yet, so it might be a while - if ever - before I find out the answer to that one.

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Ah, thank you. That's actually the ending I'm aiming for. We know there is another game, so our heroic prince or princess isn't finished yet even if you got sidelined. You got a code, you're good.


Spoiler for a partial Haven ending is below:



I left the idiot governor of Low Dhaga alone, due to a lack of legal alternatives, and got a partial Haven ending that was bad for the Ro: the queen issued a writ across the Empire praising me while Sutter was jealous and rebel forces occupied the Low Dhaga and got crushed.


 I tried to help both the Rokaj and Haven at the same time and I got a mixed bag for an ending that has me looking good to the royals, but part of Haven's army got bogged down in an extended war and the Low Dhaga suffered. The war likely would've been worse if I hadn't replaced the governor of Kranas...



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In order to avoid the Kranas delegation from attacking you, it looks like you need to meet 3 separate conditions:

1. Remove Yvette from power

2. Didn't destroy the Tehrorman grove

3. Have enough Ro reputation. I'm not exactly sure how much - the scripts say 130 + 10*difficulty, so you probably have to have at least 160 on torment (assuming difficulty starts at 0 and goes up to 3 for Torment)


I can't figure out the exact condition for whether The Low Dhaga delegation attacks or not. It references a flag that I can't find anywhere else in the scrips. But it apparently requires high reputation and can happen regardless of who the governor is.

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Aha, I think I figured out the condition for Raasa Lawita.


Your reputation needs to be at least 150 + 10*difficulty, which if I'm correct means, you need 150-180 based on what difficulty you're playing on. However, your reputation is adjusted by +15 if you made Lawita the governor and by a whopping -40 if you didn't.


So if you didn't make him the governor, you could very well need over 200 Ro rep, which is quite a bit.

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