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  1. I think I might have gone even furher. Every time I was presented with a choice I tried to pick the obviously "difficult but morally good" one every time, rather than the "expedient but repugnant" choice, regardless of whom it might upset. At the end, all the Ro sided with me except for the one who had a pre-scripted fight which was going to happen no matter what, so the final fight was reasonably easy. But then the ending text made it clear that I'd somehow screwed up and ended up sidelined and powerless for my pains. Meh. Fair enough. Can't please everyone, and I deliberately chose not to pick the "Haven is always right, no matter what" choices, so that's the ending I got. But I have to wonder just how downright evil and nasty I'd have had to be to get a "good" ending which sang my praises... Don't really fancy another run through just yet, so it might be a while - if ever - before I find out the answer to that one.
  2. D'oh! Colour me stupid. I hadn't twigged that only some merchants were enabled for selling. I must have overlooked some blindingly-obvious piece of documentation. My bad. That sorted it out; I flogged my junk to the local carpenter in my fort, and can go out and hoover up some more. Thanks for the pointer!
  3. I can't work out how to sell my junk to merchants in QW2. Buying stuff from them seems pretty easy, but they're very cagey about buying stuff from me. I can't even work out how to drop my junk and just eat the loss, either. I could drop my surplus junk into every container I pass, but that seems unhelpful. I'd rather just have the cash. As a result, my inventory is getting parlously full, and juggling items between party members will soon stop working as none of them will have any spare room. (I tried clicking on a surplus item to make it wiggle, just as I would if passing it aroung the party like a hot potato, then tried clicking on the merchant's wares board on the right of the screen, and also directly on the merchant, but neither approach caused an exchange of goods for moolah.) The "Shopping and Selling" section in the instruction manual says only that one may choose to buy items from shopkeepers, but mentions nothing about selling to the shopkeepers despite the word "Selling" in the section name. The "Dialogue" section says that one can also buy and sell items by talking to the right people, but says nothing about the exact mechanism by which one may do so (click? drag? press a key on the keyboard? sacrifice a passing civilian?) The hint book does not appear to contain any variants of the word "sell", at least from a quick Ctrl-F search of it; I don't want to read it cover-to-cover yet lest it spoil some of the game. So, what is the sorcery required to flog the rubbish I no longer want to haul around?
  4. It is in Fort Emergence, but you can't get to it until you've completed all four plague quests.
  5. Ah. That is indeed the case. I hadn't made the connection. Or I'd missed the bit of dialogue which explains the connection. Thank you.
  6. I've got the stock party: human meat shield, lizard arrow-tosser, nephil god-botherer, and human spell-tosser. For some reason my nephil priest has started collecting stone blocks. It's like a mania; the cat can't stop. Any empty space in the nephil's inventory will slowly be taken up by stone blocks. Sure, I can dump them as I go, but I'm curious about why it's happening in the first place. None of the Special Items stand out as being the obvious cause. I don't have - or don't think I have - any particular curses. I've managed to avoid the Dread Curse and Dark Thoughts. Any idea why my nephil might suddenly have started hoarding stone blocks?
  7. I've currently got three in my Bag of Holding, and they haven't yet achieved fusion. I remain hopeful.
  8. Yes. Turns out I needed to complete another quest first, before I could find the vampire's lair.
  9. East-southeast of Calloc I met some giants who want me to murder a nearby vampire who "can be found hidden between some mountains and the sea to the west of them". West of the giants, right next to Calloc, is a grey mountain which contains some Ursagi. Further along, southwest of Calloc, is a brown mountain which contains the Chasm of Screams. I've traipsed up and down the coastline west of that brown mountain, all the way from the Empire rebels north of Marish, up to the peninsula with the illusory swamp, and beyond to Calloc. And I can't find that poxy vampire anywhere. There appears to be a pass through the mountain but I can't use it because both entrances to the pass are vertical and I can't climb them. And a tiny part of the pass is still blacked out as I haven't been able to view all of it from both entrances. I also can't see any of the usual "hidden passage" patterns on the mountain walls. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24078-a3rw-randomizers-massive-list-spoiler/?tab=comments#comment-300622 (spoilers) suggests there should be an "Icy Tunnel" not far from the Chasm of Screams, but I'll be blowed if I can find it. Am I missing something obvious?
  10. In the mission "Visit Point Contemplation", the mission description gives the destination as "Complation" instead of "Contemplation".
  11. False alarm. Turns out I only thought that I'd capped Elhioc. I missed another part of the map where Elhioc actually was. Once I really put two in the back of his skull then the cell gate opened again. Fortunately my party was tough enough to take him out; the point about being able to escape if the fight is too difficult is a good one.
  12. I rid Vothkaro of his turbulent priest Elhioc, but I can't escape. If I climb back up the ladder to my cell, the cell gate is closed and, unlike before, wandering aimlessly about my cell does not prompt any of my hosts to open the gate. If I try to climb up the other ramps from the lower level I get politely and firmly turned back by Vothkaro's bouncers. And there's a big green barrier which doesn't respond to Dispel Barrier or a piercing stone. The Contract inventory item says that I'm supposed to take the passage to the south, and I assume that's the same passage that Vothkaro told me to use if I wished to run away like a coward; I figure the exit remains the same, but I have a choice about whether or not to go and commit murder first. How am I supposed to get out of the troglodyte castle after putting two in the back of Elhioc's head?
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