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  1. Well, you could "kill" Rentar-Ihrno by bringing her health down to 1, knowing that if she wasn't invincible that she would be dead. That's what I did. She doesn't even have more health than Sulfras (who I actually did kill). After that I pressed the buttons and won. And Erika's "epic" fight wouldn't be epic either way, because all I saw her do was summon garbage and cast weak spells like icy rain. Rentar-Ihrno did that most of her turns, too. That's not epic, that's boring.
  2. I was wondering what happened if you DIDN'T have the thought crystal. I was disappointed that you didn't get to fight the crystal souls that were supposed to be there. Toast, I had the crystal and Rentar-Ihrno simply teleports them away after they fall asleep (that's apparently what it does, it makes them go dormant). You don't get to fight them if you have it, I guess. I THINK I recall in Avernum 3 that if you don't have it you fight them and Rentar-Ihrno teleports the remainder away after you kill one of them, but I could be making that up, or it could have happened in Exile 3?
  3. She dies as soon as you reach the control panel.
  4. Playing on normal means you certainly don't need to put points into endurance. Heck, torment almost means you can't put points into endurance, because if you focus too much on HP you won't really be able to hit higher-level enemies reliably. I didn't put a single point into endurance. Torment encourages you to kill fast, because most things will kill you pretty fast even with endurance. The only health additions I got were from the health traits, because they become more and more valuable as you level up. That was my experience, anyways. That said, the difficulty is front-loaded on torment, an
  5. I was wondering where he went. Eh, I already won, though.
  6. Hello. I know there is a store somewhere that sells a bag of sugar, and I need it for an item quest. Does anyone remember which one it is? Thanks.
  7. I'm not sure what the bonus is for nephil. My archer gets tons of turns because of sniper and adrenaline rush too, but doesn't do that much damage. What are you equipped with that lets you do that much?
  8. I know it doesn't count sage lore, but the 18 total isn't right, either. I have 9 Vahnatai Lore and 9 total arcane lore, but it's not enough. I actually tested out how many more points of arcane lore I needed. At 22 there was enough skill to read it (4 more levels of arcane lore).
  9. Hello. The spell is found in the graveyard east of Torria, correct? The list says it needs 18 total Vahnatai and arcane lore, but I have well above this amount and still cannot understand it.
  10. I can't get to any beams other than the first ones you come across after the teleporter puzzle. The path is immediately blocked by beams.
  11. Hello. I am under the tower, and used the portals in the right combination to get to a new area, but the path is immediately blocked by beams. Looking at Randomizer's list indicates that there are mirrors somewhere that you use move mountains to reach, but there are no cracked walls anywhere, and I've randomly used move mountains in a lot of places with no success. What am I supposed to do now? Thanks.
  12. Yeah, I was completely thrown off by that when I found it. I was thinking, hmm, is it better for my resistance-less warrior to equip this? It is worth 4,000 gold...but I also have Temperate Necklace offering much needed elemental resistance so she doesn't get one-shotted by drakes all the time...I chose the necklace, but still held on to the Talisman for some reason.
  13. That's what I was thinking. It's not entirely clear WHO walled up the mage in the sewer, but with the Anama temple above-ground, it's definitely pointing a finger... I think I want to raid their vault, too! Just after getting all the dread curses...
  14. Ah, I had a question. What did you do about arcane lore? Can one person get enough to get access to most spells?
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