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Game Breaking GF3 bug.(bypassable)


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I've encountered a bug where Litalia is waiting to kill me even though I am a rebel. I've been a full rebel shaper, and have played the game without cheats or a walkthrough. I did however encounter Hoge to soon on Gull Island and had to kill him.


I speak to Litalia, telling her that I have passed the eye test. I speak to the servile and get Litalia's key, then go west. I'm stoped by a drakon who threatens to kill me; ?I exit out of the dialog without hitting 1. He tells me I can pass, so I go west than north. I speak to the eye, kill the golem, and enter the geneforge room. Once there Litalia is waiting to FIGHT me.

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That may have been it, I looked at the website support before but missed that.


I ended up getting past it anyway. I realized that I had the option to exit out of the convo, so I did. Thereafter, she just asked why I was talking to her rather than Akarhi(sp?) Blaze.


What made me think it was a bug, rather than insanity like Hoge's is that she made it clear that Akarhi had told her to kill me, and that my dialog to try to get her not to kill me involved telling her that he makes her do all the unpleasant jobs.


That was a very bad run-on but it was hard to shorten, or punctuate.

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