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G3 - How long do Greta and Alwan stay in the party?

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If you kill or help the rebels on the second island, one of them will leave. You can move on from the second island without doing either. Depending on a mandatory choice you make at the end of the third island's main questline, one of them will leave. This choice also determines what side of the war you're on. It's possible to have them both leave if you mismatch your decisions on the second and third islands. If you keep one of them after the third island, they'll stay with you for the rest of the game.

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  • Kennedy changed the title to G3 - How long do Greta and Alwan stay in the party?

In GF4 you can/should recruit a variety of mages/front line cannon fodder/engineers to get through the marshes in the first part of the upper half of the map.  Also there are some zone specific characters that will lend a hand if requested/ordered, but once you leave the area they stay behind.  Things like that.  But there's nobody like Greta/Alwan that follow you around iirc (I almost always play as a solo agent so collecting NPCs to hang out with has never been anywhere near the top of the priority list...).  Same with GF5, some zone specific interactions, but nothing long term that I can think of.

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Geneforge 2 lets you recruit several Creations into your party, but you can't control them directly- in combat, they're AI-controlled. They're also gone forever if they die.


17 hours ago, Kennedy said:

The only ones I've played to the end are the first and the last but there may be a servile that joins in the 4th game if I remember right.

There is. His name is Khur, and he joins you relatively early in Geneforge 4. Unlike Greta or Alwan, or the recruitable NPCs in 2, you can't keep him until the end of the game, though. Later in the game, there's another NPC (Shotwell) who can join Shaper-aligned protagonists.

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