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Detailed guide on how to find Bennhold?


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I've tried looking up guides and walkthroughs, etc, but none of them have contained any step-by-step instructions on how to find Bennhold. I've already killed Crenshaw and he told me he went to the Storm Plains. After that I have no idea what to do.


What I would need is a comprehensive guide, like prerequisite quests, exact people to talk to, by name (not things like "guard captain" in [city]", items I might need, the order I do all these things in, being pro-rebel or pro-shaper for certain parts, whether I can be in factions, if I need leadership, etc. Pretty much everything. I can't find this guy for the life of me.

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This is a many step quest:


In the Town of Haria-Kel - Talk to Captain Herszen - Quest - Hunting Bennhold - Reward - Samaritan Sandals (2% armor, +2 Healing Craft)

Noordwest Fens - Crenshaw (bandit) sends you to Storm Plains

Thistle Woods - has a Roaming Servile that flees east to the Remote Woods.and leads you to a secret passage to hidden encampment in the southwest - however if you get too close then the passage doesn't't open. Inside the encampment isa box with a note about Bennhold.

Dera Reaches - The White Wastes exits in the west ti Bennhold's Keep


Good Luck


welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave any remaining sanity at the door. It will just frustrate you. :)

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