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  1. I was attacking the area with 4 shock tralls and my endgame level 54 shaper so I could just see what is there. Then in the shaping hall in the west end of the map, two shapers named Roman and Niko came out to defend. Did anyone else ever notice the GTA4 reference here? I laughed my ass off.
  2. I've been playing through the rebel path quite faithfully and when I enter the area with the geneforge, where Litalia is standing, if I get close to the big square pool she's close to at all, I will get the [I assume] loyalist path window where Litalia is going to reluctantly attack me. While if I talk to her without doing that, for example if I talk to her by the door, she is friendly and talks to me as if I'm a faithful rebel ally. Basically if I walk close at all to that big square pool she's next to she becomes hostile and attacks. This is easily solvable in my case by simply loading a save and walking super close to the wall to get to Akhari Blaze. But is this a bug or does she simply not want me to get close to that pool?
  3. Thanks, I found him and got to Bennhold. Killing him was very satisfying after all this effort to find him.
  4. I've found every spell in the game except for (I think) Aura of Flames. Basically I have 9 battle magic spells and 10 in all of the other 3 so there must be one missing. I have Firebolt, Burning Spray, Searer, Ice Spray, Lightning Aura, Shocking Rain, Acid Shower, Kill, and Essence Lances. Surely there must be one more and if so, where is it?
  5. Where do you go in the remote woods? I went southwest and there were a bunch of mines and a supply cache but nothing opened.
  6. I've tried looking up guides and walkthroughs, etc, but none of them have contained any step-by-step instructions on how to find Bennhold. I've already killed Crenshaw and he told me he went to the Storm Plains. After that I have no idea what to do. What I would need is a comprehensive guide, like prerequisite quests, exact people to talk to, by name (not things like "guard captain" in [city]", items I might need, the order I do all these things in, being pro-rebel or pro-shaper for certain parts, whether I can be in factions, if I need leadership, etc. Pretty much everything. I can't find this guy for the life of me.
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