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I finished both legs of the story and hot damn if this isn't one of the best RPGs ever. Throughout my journey it was a sad realization that so many people aren't ever going to play this, not since it's this old.

It took me a long time to learn the interface and how the oldskool controls work, and it never became smooth for me. But I'm so happy I powered through that because the story was beyond my expectations (which are high by default for spiderweb).


For other new people, the game itself is less than 2 euros on most stores, so I also bought the hintbook which was a tremendously useful resource at several times. Between that and piercing sight, the best spell in the game, the game became a beautiful adventure. As for basilisks ... if you play the story, you're automatically going to receive an item that helps you with that so note down where they are and forget about them for a bit.

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Nethergate was probably my favorite game. I love the references to various mythologies. The storyline was quite creative. 


As far as playing goes...Geneforge 5 and Avernum 5 and 6 were definitely my favorites...but I like Nethergate best in terms of storyline and it feeling like a believable world. I like how much work was put into humanizing the various groups, and trying to build this plausible, magical world. My only regret was that I would have liked it to have been longer.


That said, I love researching and learning about various mythologies...and the designers (presumably mostly Jeff) put a fair amount of research into their efforts that I appreciate.



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On 1/8/2022 at 6:57 PM, Chopkinsca said:

It is indeed a great game. I played it right after Avernum 1 - 3, so I was used to how the engine worked at that point. I doubt it will get another remaster, but one can dream.

I personally would rather have some completely new game than another remaster...but I also hear people talking about how great the ancient Exile series was, but I just won't play it because of how unused to those old graphics I am. I could understand jeff's opinion that ideally all the best games should eventually get a remaster. It does make some of those old good games more palatable for newer generations.


I grew up with Blades of Avernum though, so I'm fine with that. That probably looks agonizing and blindingly old to some of the people in their teens and early twenties now though.

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It certainly looks old when compared to Skyrim or Fortnite or any of their peers, but it does not look that bad compared to mobile games which are played by the same demographic.  Queens Wish's graphics are not hugely better than the older games, but there are a lot of interface improvements that I think make the re-mastered games more enjoyable to play, and more accessible, such as the junk bag and the auto mapping.

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