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(Spoilers) Found one ending error


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I don't know where to put minor bug reports so I'm putting this here. Moderators, please correct or move at will.

At end game, if you have joined the Takers, you can sneak into the Guarded Docks with the right timing, then take the southern path, disarming mines as you go, until you can leave in the boat. This is without even entering the Geneforge yourself and without meeting Trajkov.

The ending prints the story where the Shapers return to the island and kill Trajkov, then prints the part where Trajkov overcomes the Shapers. Then it gives the best Obeyer outcome and the best Awakening outcome simultaneously.

Best guess, no one beta-ed the ending where you don't enter the Geneforge.

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Hello Coach,


It looks like you have indeed stumbled on a little bug with the ending text. That’s interesting to know!


However, these forums are not really the best place to flag up bugs like this. The designer of these games is the only one who can implement any changes, and he visits these forums very infrequently.


The best way to ensure that your issue is noted is to send in a bug report directly to the game designer. As such, please could I encourage you to send an email containing a careful description of your bug to the address below. In this case, if you could also send in a saved game right before you board the ship – or as close as you can get before alerting the Sholai – that would be even more helpful!




If you send in a report this way, it will help ensure that this issue gets fixed for future players!


Also, I feel I should point out that the ending of Geneforge is particularly complex. There are a lot of factors that go into producing the final text of the game, both big and small. Those of us on the testing team worked tirelessly to check out every aspect of the gameplay in Geneforge, including working through the huge variety of endings.


So, let me assure you that endings where the player doesn’t enter the Geneforge certainly were tested. I myself can attest to that! The issue is that you’ve come across one particular permutation among the many, many dozens of different endings that happens to have a flag issue. Remember, there are a whole host of endings even if the player doesn’t visit the Geneforge! While the testing team did our best to work through every single possibility, it's possible we might have missed one or two out of the very large number of different combinations. It’s even possible this little bug was introduced after a number of other ending bugs were fixed before release – things happen that way sometimes!


I’m writing this just to assure you that this game was very carefully tested by a really dedicated testing team, all to make sure the game reached you in as good a state as possible. And, with the addition of your report, the game can be made even better in any future update!

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Great replies, thanks! Ess-Eschas, thanks for your heavy work on the beta testing. I sure didn't mean to imply that you all were somehow deficient, says this person who once sent an entire grant application to the NSF minus two critical paragraphs. (We got it anyway, but sheesh...) And I love the game! I just have a thing about typos. I'll send the report to Jeff via email. Appreciate it and you guys! The hard work shows!

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