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Mutagen Zone Maps

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I have annotated zone maps for 47 of the game's 82 zones, plus miscellaneous underground and upstairs mini-maps. If anyone would be interested in hosting these, let me know. I'm not really interested in having my own website.


If anyone remembers  Ribu's maps for the original Geneforge, I based the page design on the zone maps from that. Ribu only had 11 zones, but I really liked was was done there and sort of wished there was more.

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Posted (edited)

No problem 🙂 


Yeah, I had 3 dozen annotated maps for the original GF-1 myself. So, I had a head start on these. I just needed to update them for the remake. Then, I added about 30 more for Mutagen...So far.

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13 hours ago, stilltim said:

Thanks. Honestly, all I see when I look at it now are TYPOS 🤪


*laugh*  I hear you!  I write Star Trek fan fiction (see avatar ) under another name, and I'm very critical when I read my stories, but my readers keep telling me that I write wonderfully in-character stories with really interesting ideas.


I went to the Eastern Docks last night, and if it hadn't been for your map showing me where the power spirals are, I probably would have given up on Geneforge and gone to play something else.  So you really, really ARE helping!  Take another helping of effusive thanks!  👏  😊 


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