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Romans - spells not unlocking

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Hi everyone,


I recently started playing this very nice game after getting into roman-fantasy thanks to the age of decadence and listening to a bunch of Jeff's talks on YT.

The gameplay is as enjoyable as I remember from my teen days, when I used to dabble in the avernum shareware for macOS.

I looked in the forums and online but found no answer to my question, hence here we are.


I have started the game with the preset party, with one roman "mage".

I noticed that even if I raised my Druidism skill to 4, my Healing circle to 4 and my War circle to 3, I only have access to the first two spells of the Healing and War circles.

Is this intended? I can of course fix this manually by using the trainer in the main menu, but I wanted to know if I am misinterpreting something or if it is just a bug/savegame issue.


Thanks to anyone who can help me!

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Whew it's been a looong time since I've played Nethergate, but IIRC the Romans were nerfed in their magical abilities/maximum levels.  Again, it's been a long time but the Romans were better physically & the Celts with nature/magic.  So I can't answer your direct question, but your limits playing a Roman party doesn't surprise me either.


Hopefully someone with an actual answer wanders by soon for you.  In the meantime though, welcome (although it sounds like you've been around Spiderweb for a long time - if you have any interest, Steam & GOG generally have bundles of Jeff's other games on sale every now & then if you want to go back spelunking in Avernum).  Somewhere over near the front door is a box to drop off your sanity in.  Stick around long enough & you won't miss it...

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If you're playing Resurrection, this input may be of no use, but for the original game, the "commonly shared" circles should be fully accessible. The trick is finding someone to teach you the spells! Also, you may have a harder time training in the spell circles as well - Romans take to certain training better than the Celts and vise-versa.


I believe the "unlockable" circles for the Romans are Craft and Beast circles, at least in the original game. You cannot train in those circles at all - instead, you have to get special items to train one character in their use. I don't believe there are any trainers for the higher spells in those circles concerning the Romans, but a few places will impart to you the knowledge of Stone Guardian, or perhaps the high-level equivalent in the Beast Circle. So, when it comes time to go to Annwyn, you probably will not have use of the "create food" spell, or, I at least never found it.


...The Spirit Circle is completely inaccessible for the Romans. If you ever learn Doom, you'll never be able to cast it.

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Thank you all for your answers.

My misunderstanding was on the need to learn the spells. I thought that they would unlock by themselves, since the ones I have unlocked until now did not require any learning, but appeared once I leveled up druidism and the healing and war circles.


I am indeed playing Nethergate Resurrection! I also have avernum 4 5 and 6, but might opt for one of the remakes, or even just jump to queen's wish. First I will try and finish Nethergate, and finishing games that are longer than 20h is becoming a bit of a luxury for me!

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