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  1. Thank you all for your answers. My misunderstanding was on the need to learn the spells. I thought that they would unlock by themselves, since the ones I have unlocked until now did not require any learning, but appeared once I leveled up druidism and the healing and war circles. I am indeed playing Nethergate Resurrection! I also have avernum 4 5 and 6, but might opt for one of the remakes, or even just jump to queen's wish. First I will try and finish Nethergate, and finishing games that are longer than 20h is becoming a bit of a luxury for me!
  2. Hi everyone, I recently started playing this very nice game after getting into roman-fantasy thanks to the age of decadence and listening to a bunch of Jeff's talks on YT. The gameplay is as enjoyable as I remember from my teen days, when I used to dabble in the avernum shareware for macOS. I looked in the forums and online but found no answer to my question, hence here we are. I have started the game with the preset party, with one roman "mage". I noticed that even if I raised my Druidism skill to 4, my Healing circle to 4 and my War circle to 3, I only
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