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  1. I played the Geneforge demo a long, long time ago and quite liked it. However, really knowing the game well enough to apply it to a pen-and-paper system is beyond me. Let alone any other game - I am a tinkerer first and foremost! But someday, I will get there. ...RPG-wargame hybrids are neat and make perfect sense. RPGs were of course born from wargames, after all. Bringing the two formats back together is what I'd term "adventure wargaming." And, for that matter, it might be worth a look into the system I was suggesting in the original post... 😉 Mind you that a LOT of surgery is n
  2. So, I went to visit my cousin today, because humanity. We discussed traditional games for a while, as they can have the complexities of software while also having the benefits of whims and easy artistic manipulation. That, of course, is the theory. Now the question becomes, "which game system suits your preferences?" For me, the one which I bear the most interest in to wrapping around something like, say, Avernum, would be Rangers of Shadow Deep by Joseph McCullough. It's a very simple but elegant system that would need a lot of contortions to work ideally, but you can read about w
  3. Thanks, Randomizer! Turns out I just had a really good spat of luck when using the kits when I started the game. There was ultimately no boost with higher or lower tool use levels when testing the efficacy of the first aid skill. This is actually a bit disappointing, really: it would make sense if being better with tools made you better at first aid! However, that's just the way it goes. :)
  4. Bit of a necro here - hope no one minds. I recently decided I'd start a new game of A2, and opted to create a character that was supposed to be a bit of a technical or scholarly type, that was also a sort of soldier in a former life. As such, this character has fairly high starting tool use stats as well as a high first aid stat. I'll try and run some tests later, but does anyone know if tool use boosts first aid? I was surprised at how well first aid has worked so far - the only shortcoming is the original Avernums' sense of time and space, which limits the frequency at which you
  5. I see there was not much of an interest in investigating insects, but no matter - I saw this some time ago, and I'm going to make a case for it now: Avernum has a lot of swamps near its great underground lakes. Avernum also has its occasional amphibians - mostly the magical fiery salamanders. But what if there was also something more akin to rats in the underground, but of the amphibian variety? I therefore propose that Avernum should in fact have giant killer murdertoads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6YnSXVKUiw ...That is a Giant African Bullfrog. THESE
  6. As an interesting aside regarding martial culture and the Sliths, consider again the spear as a utilitarian weapon. We know the Sliths enjoy fish and are good swimmers. Slith spears, on that note, are rather comparable in design to fishing spears. It's possible this was an active design decision by Jeff, though Jeff might offer up that he in turn borrowed the idea from somewhere else. The latter is fine and happens in fantasy all the time, but regardless of the origins of that design decision, it kinda works out - and, if you take to that idea, it says a lot about the Sliths (and it's not bad,
  7. Lore questions are fun! And, a lot of the answers are speculation, which is also fun! Allow me to curb my enthusiasm at this point... As of this point, I am only familiar with the original Avernum trilogy, so bear that in mind. However, speculation on the Slith and the Vahnatai is a really interesting subject to delve into. I assume the statement on the Slith being invaders has something to do with them being "new arrivals" into caves which the Vahnatai consider being their territory. Note that while the Slith are known to the Vahnatai, humans and Nephil are a bit more of a mystery
  8. This is a wee bit of a threadjack, but were the Celts able to wear any sort of armor (aside from torcs and shields) in the original Nethergate? I don't remember them being able to do so at all.
  9. Back in the day, you could get the games as physical media. In fact, I bought Av 1 & 3 directly from Spiderweb with the hopes of getting them on disk, but that time had sadly already passed. ...The original Nethergate and Avernum 2 artwork does look really cool printed directly to the CD, however. I'm not open for sales, mind you.
  10. Oh man... an Avernum mysteries split-topic would be welcome right about now. :D
  11. If you're playing Resurrection, this input may be of no use, but for the original game, the "commonly shared" circles should be fully accessible. The trick is finding someone to teach you the spells! Also, you may have a harder time training in the spell circles as well - Romans take to certain training better than the Celts and vise-versa. I believe the "unlockable" circles for the Romans are Craft and Beast circles, at least in the original game. You cannot train in those circles at all - instead, you have to get special items to train one character in their use. I don't believe
  12. Another item of interest to consider: insect life. The giant spiders - not technically insects - are noted to consume very LARGE insects in the caves. What these insects are is not always defined. So on that note, I would ask this: when were giant roaches introduced? I know these only first appeared in Avernum 3, but did they appear earlier in the Exile series? Just filling in a knowledge gap here on that one... Otherwise, there are chitrachs from the lower caves. Encyclopedia Ermariana gives some notes on their lifecycle, though I am not sure from memory how much of that might be
  13. I have an item of curiosity to tag onto this: how does Blades of Avernum deal with item limits? With my limited programming experience, one thing I would state is that a fairly conventional means of dealing with data storage is to create a fixed matrix into which values are stored or exchanged, etc. Once the program is complied, the size of the matrix cannot change. The question I have on this front, as it seems to be what's going on in Avernum, is how that matrix changes from area to area. For instance, when a dungeon is created, is an item matrix created proportional in size to t
  14. That's fine, and it's probably the right definition! However, it was the only term which came to mind which seemed to convey what I was trying to get across. I assume I've done the latter, maybe? Again, hole digging on my end. I suppose I'd call something "skill-based" when you have direct involvement in the "simulation," if you will (we can call all games some form of abstract simulation, can't we?). Alternately, I'd call something "stat-based" when you have table values or routines determine the outcome of a given instance. I... am not sure I excluded games that involve
  15. Ha! I am watching / listening to this right now. Jeff just had a character die, and instead of rolling with it, he reloaded the game to an earlier point. I laugh at this, as this is exactly what I do, and I'm pretty sure it's what everyone else does as well. 😛
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