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Erika talking statues-Escape

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I have to admit I don't know if I have old or remake version, I probably have both.  In Escape there are statues that say they will talk when they are ordered to do so and they belong to Erika (The one in Sulfras domain says this).  But I can get no information from Erika.  How do I get them to talk? 


Thank you!

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Hello Wendy,


In a sense, you’re looking at this problem backwards – the statues are a solution, not a puzzle!


The aim is not so much to figure out how to get the statues to divulge their information to you, since you can’t do that on your own. When the time comes to learn about the statues, you’ll know. It’s worked into an important part of the story, so it’s hard to miss!


That being said, just to clear up some of the contradictory answers in this thread:



You are right that you need to talk to Erika, as the demon in the Sulfras’s lair suggests. In order to encourage her to tell you their secret, you’ll need to be working for her, though.

You need to talk to her about her quest to assassinate Emperor Hawthorne. In particular, you need to ask her about the brooches she wants collected. This is the puzzle the statues will help you with (although the one in Sulfras’s lair has some other useful things to say).

Depending on what version of the game you’re playing, you may not be able to talk to Erika about Emperor Hawthorne right away – there’s a minimum reputation requirement for starting that quest. So, if you can’t find Erika’s response about the statues, and you have a low reputation, you may need to do some quests and come back!


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