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What Was Your Ending Code


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Pretty much what it says in the title.


I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people posting the same code, but I figured this was an amusing enough way for people to share the endings they got without spoiling things for anyone who hasn't beaten the game yet.


My Code: bflfpvbhbson

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Here is mine and what I did



No dreams


Pro-Haven opinion

Ukatish choice: Brokk

Ahriel choice: Trench Town

Vol choice: Owen

Total victory over Nisse

Didn't punch Sutter, told him I wish to serve

Asked the queen for a powerful position serving Haven


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I think there's a certain random element to the codes.


I just did a replay of QW 1 and got two wildly different ending codes on different very similar saves:





Supported Brok, Owen, and Trench; Merciful rep;  was generally polite to Sutter but gave him the punch; gave pro-Haven responses; defeated Nisse totally; no dreams; let Gorsh go but defeated the other dragon; asked to serve Haven

   -> pfjfpjahbron  (jabroni lol)


Same as above, but also


defeated Sabyr so I'd get the six trophies achievement

--> pfkfpaahbron

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I think the 1st and 6th letter are random or at least unrelated to your game choices. I finished the game a couple of times from the same end game save, making the same end game choices, and I got different codes but only the 1st and 6th letter are different:


1    6

I also supported Brok, Owen and Trench. Polite to Sutter but in the end game I said I should rule. Also total victory over the Nisse and didn't buy dreams. Killed all the dragons.


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