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  1. This is on the homepage: Join the mailing list to not miss any news.
  2. I think the 1st and 6th letter are random or at least unrelated to your game choices. I finished the game a couple of times from the same end game save, making the same end game choices, and I got different codes but only the 1st and 6th letter are different: 1 6 fglfpwahqron qglfppahqron lglfpsahqron yglfpbahqron
  3. This was the announcement I got: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1947750/view/3262315803614910276. The update was installed automatically by Steam the next day. You can check your version number on the splash screen (where you can select new game, load game, etc.), it shows in the bottom left corner. Do you have updates enabled for the game? Check in right-click the game > Properties… > UPDATES. If so and it still isn't 1.0.1 maybe next go to LOCAL FILES and there "Verify integrity of game files…". I think that can force an update.
  4. On one play through I crossed the unstable ground to areas not otherwise accessible. It's not worth it, there was a like a potion or something. Nothing worth spending half an hour on beating brutal shredders for every step you take 😐 There are some areas you can access if you hug a wall and just skirt the unstable ground.
  5. The link http://www.nethergate.net/rewind in the forum header is outdated This is the correct link I think: https://rewind.nethergate.net/
  6. I replayed my savegame just before the end game a few times to give different answers to General Miranda and your formula for letter 9 is also on point. I misunderstood it before.
  7. Nicely done @osnola. It looks correct for me for letters 1, 3, 5 and 7 with my codes. For the 3rd letter I think you're right. My code had 'q' there and I insulted Sutter in the end game, saying I should still be king. Same I had done in the QW1 end game. I replayed the QW2 end game from the same savegame and supported Sutter for king that time, giving me 'b' as 3rd letter instead.
  8. The shades will keep coming back. You should push forward till you get to the big baddy in the crypt.
  9. I don't know if there are detailed maps like that. What I do instead is edit the game scripts to make secret switches more visible. From the topic Cheat to Make Hidden Switches More Visible. I use it with the lighting animation effect to make them really stand out. For Avadon 2 edit the file Avadon 2 Files/Scripts/av2objsmisc.txt in the game directory (on Steam, right-click the game in your Library list and select Manage > Browse local files). Search for this line, you should find it 2 times: ob_default_script = "secdoor"; And after each line like that insert this line: ob_graphic_effect = 11; The same works for Avadon 1 (script "avobjsmisc.txt", it has "secdoor" 2 times) and for Avadon 3 (script "av3objsmisc.txt", it has "secdoor" 8 times).
  10. No spoilers but your choices and actions during the game have impact on the end game story. Just like in QW1. With "good ending" I mean that I get an end game story I'm happy with to carry over to QW3.
  11. QW3 is going to take a while I think. Geneforge 2 remaster is next Jeff has said (on the AMA on Reddit last month). I'm happy to have played QW2 now (2 times so far with a good ending on the 2nd play through, but I'm planning to play it again to try and perfect my ending ). When QW3 is out I'll play that my ending code till I get a good ending. Then play the games in sequence when I replay them. Avernum is a favorite of mine. It's a wondrous world to walk around in. I'm looking forward to the remaster of the 2nd trilogy, as Avernum 4 and 5 no longer work on my PC (graphics corrupt after short while). I just finished a replay of Avadon and that's a great series as well, though I miss wandering around the world. I replay them both at least once a year.
  12. qw2crqagndshdfa ­— I played very diplomatic, though ruthlessly violent and times (like I killed the pitmaster in the Kranas Woods arena). At Prova Kruug only Raasa Elha chose to combat me, the other Raasas stepped down. I had only replaced Governor Yvette. I did not kill Geld Nas members other than to defend myself. I passed their test. I stayed away from the Nisse. In the end game I ordered General Miranda to harshly put down the rebellion. The Queen proclaimed me a hero of Haven. I openly challenged Sutter for the throne same as I had done in QW1. During the war only rebels from Low Dhaga joined in (because I didn't replace Governor Aato). qw2cibngbdmhgay — I replayed the end game from above and supported Sutter for the throne, instead of challenging him. So looks like ending code is more obfuscated than in QW1.
  13. There are two puzzle boards that have no gems on them at the start. You need to know where to place the gems. During the quest they are part of you find a clue where to place gems on those boards. You can record dialogue to keep such clues in your journal. The other puzzle boards don't have clues. These are logic puzzles. They get quite hard later on.
  14. I finished my 2nd play through and got a satisfactory result. (I need to catch up on sleep though 😬) I was very diplomatic this time, but also ruthlessly violent at times. The Queen proclaimed me a hero of Haven. I openly challenged Sutter for the throne same as I had done in QW1. My code: qw2crqagndshdfa
  15. I also struggled with the choices in QW2 and didn't get the outcome (yet) that I wanted. But the same for me with QW1. I replayed that 2-3 times before I nailed an outcome I wanted to carry over to QW2. I imagine it will take me a replay or 2 to get the QW2 outcome I want as well. No rush, QW3 is a while away. I enjoyed the replays and seeing the different outcomes. With the QW series I think Jeff has deepened the choices compared to earlier games and they reflect harsher in the outcomes. I like the challenge to get the outcome I want. Though yeah there are probably some repugnant choices to make to try and keep everybody happy…
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