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please help im trapped :(


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Easiest is look for your last save from before including AutoSave at the bottom right to see if you have one from before entering or when you were in better shape.


Using a cheat code. Hold down shift and "d" keys together to bring up box. Enter in box:




use return key to go back to Fort Haven.

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If it matters, using a chest code will disqualify you from earning medals.  An earlier save is probably your best way to go.


(I tend/try to remember to do a save (actual save, not just a quicksave) when I enter a new area/city/dungeon just for that reason.  A recent save from a place that you 'know' you can get out of rarely can be considered a bad thing...)

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Yeah, like Jeff said you can just die 😀 It'll take you back to Fort Haven.


I wonder if that's actually an optimal strategy for beating the game in under 100 days. Whenever you need to travel to another part of the world, just let a random encounter murder you to save a few hours of travel.

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