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Geneforge 3 Modded Enemies for an OP character?

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My Geneforge 3 character made extremely short work of the Alpha Creator at the end of the game so any suggestions or pointers to what enemies are left or mods to check out to maybe poise a threat? Guardians are super op if you know what you're doing with it btw. If you want to know what gear I'm using just let me know.





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1 hour ago, Vinlie said:

I'm playing on tricky right now because torment is wayyy too frustrating lol. Random question, is it possible to play unarmed through the whole game?


As a Guardian I don't know. As a Vlish swarm leader Shaper it is totally possible.

Regardless, I would guess that playing a Guardian unarmed would be more frustrating than nightmare difficulty.

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Nope. Other than two spots playing as a rebel*, I finished* the game on both paths without ever personally hitting anything, relying on stealth / mechanics / leadership / AI friendlies for everything. I would sometimes need to buff or heal the friendlies, but they would do all the actual fighting. Note that this means some zones cannot be cleared, since they require you to kill something, but there's always another a path.

*To kill Khyryk as a pacifist rebel, you must select the dialogue option saying you've come to kill him, which only appears the first time you talk to him. I didn't realize the option would disappear, so I ended up being forced to hit him once to start the fight, but it's possible to get through without personally hitting him. The other problem was at the very end of the game; I went to kill Rahul and Anjali, but the imprisoned drakon who is supposed to help you had disappeared (a glitch or bug, probably) leaving me no way to get the job done.

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