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True Site for Blades is down?

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Can't find the site at its listed address: http://www.truesite4blades.com/
All I get is a blank screen.
I can access the site through the Wayback Machine:

It also affects sites that are accessed through True Site for Blades, like The Blazing Blade.

I sent a PM to Jewels, so far no reply.


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I messaged her, and she said she would post here, but seeing that she hasn't... here's what she said:


Meh. My domain ran out and I didn’t renew this time. After trying and failing to spend some time revamping it, I was ready to let it go. If someone wants the files to take it over they can ask around at discord. They were hosted by Sylae and ... I’m not sure what [redacted] is going by now. Calls herself Wisdom on discord.


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Officially, yes, I've allowed TrueSite to close. The files are safe and available for transfer if someone is interested in hosting/maintaining them. Please contact Luca at https://calamityrefuge.net/ as she and Keira most graciously hosted my files for several years. 

I also have several other Blades related files entrusted to me by other retired SWers that didn't get added to the site if you are interested in those as well. Let me know.

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I'd certainly like to see TrueSite restored (or at least the important parts of it, it wouldn't have to be in the same format). Anything related to Blades of Exile, at least, can probably be moved over to openboe.com. I know there's also a lot of stuff for Blades of Avernum too though, plus an archive of Geocities sites. I don't think it's necessary to preserve the sites themselves (though it would be nice) but we should at least be sure the content doesn't get lost.


Are those "several other Blades related files" BoE or BoA? If they're BoE I'd definitely be interested in getting hold of them to put on openboe.com. That's not to say that I wouldn't be interested in BoA stuff though, but I think that depends on whether I end up hosting TrueSite or if someone else steps up. Still, if it's not too much trouble, it might be easiest to just send me everything and let me sort through it.

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You can simply save a legacy page straight to your site. I don't know much about handling a website and whether this idea is possible.
If all else fails, you can paste the source code (from the legacy page) straight into a new page on your own site.
Ctrl + U will bring up the source code for each page...
Of course you will probably need to change a lot of the (obsolete) links.😎


As for a curator of the new site, one of the Global Moderators from this site should have what it takes, and hopefully has the time.

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Or, better yet, I've shared the OneDrive folder where I keep an archive of it. It's from 2015 but considering I've like touched it twice since then, I think it will be sufficient. I'm hoping you can just download the zipfile for it. 

Well, this is bittersweet, Microsoft's auto suggested date for access to the folder to end was 8/8/2018... The ten year anniversary of the day that CalRef 'blew up' and gave us our first major plot point for /*...stupid memory...what's its name?... ah yes, just needed a moment*/ ...Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge. 08/08/08 was what I personally considered a starting point...for so many dearly held things, and now 08/08/18 will be a representative end. 

My goodness... I might just cry. Almost makes me want to write a benediction for the sheer poetry of it. Or come out of retirement... Neither of which is likely unless I actually retire.

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I actually did get your email, just hadn't checked yet today, so if you have something more recent, you can feel free to send it to me at that address. I did download the entire SW folder from the OneDrive folder you shared, though. I'll take some time later and go through it, probably very slowly though.

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For reference, the truesite zipfile should be the same as everything contained in the Root folder. And the Root folder would be the same as the public_html folder for a website... however opening up the index file looks like the archive is from 2010 instead of 2015... 2015 is probably when I moved it to OneDrive.

Further investigation has revealed I no longer have server access to the current files. I've left a message with Keira and the Calref community. If the current files are still available, they'll make it to you. Otherwise... letting go of the old isn't all that bad. It opens up the possibilities to embrace the new. 


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