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Geneforge 4 Western Morass and Turabi Gate

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Ehh... it's not exactly as you think. Also you get on the other side of that gate 3 years later. It is not necessary to defeat the force guarding that side.


Actually... TheKian, could you make a mod to add another 1-2 areas beyond that gate?

Since GF4 and GF5 use the same mapping for terrain etc, I could map them if you want and give you the hex files to add there, but I cannot do a full mod about those areas, adding items, NPCs, stories, scripts etc.

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To put it explicitly*, there does not exist data in the game for zones past that point. However, there may exist a zone exit on the map past the gate, but if it goes anywhere, it will likely take you to Southforge Citadel or some kind of blank glitch zone.


*Meaning clearly, not inappropriately


Probably don't have the time to make a mod for that, unfortunately, Alhoon. Little bit busy with a bunch of other things, sorry.

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