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Reactivate Taygen Questline?

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This one's a long shot but you tech-minded folks might be able to help me.

I'm kind of a pedantic completionist when I play games with faction divisions. I like to make a BIG save after doing as much neutral stuff as I can, then progress down to all the faction endings in order to experience as much of the game as I can in one go, since let's be real, these games are longer that God's penis and when there's 4/5 factions that's just too many to leave for future playthroughs.

Worked great for G1, 2, and kiiiinda 4, though I only got the 'helped the rebels' version of the ending. Not too fussed about 3 and 4 though since with only TWO options I can just play the Shaper version in a year's time.

For G5, I decided to again play rebel-aligned, however with that Shaper Cora...Cora... something... guy-who-can-make-Shapers-forget-you're-rebel-scum, I figured I could still give all 5 factions a crack if I was careful despite making rebel decisions throughout the meat of the game. I ALMOST succeeded in this, but I buggered up Taygen. Didn't realise helping Camp Dranir locks you into failing his first loyalty quest and totally shuts down any ability to join him, so now all my saves are from too far in and there's nothing I can do.

HOWEVER, I remember back in 3 when my rebel PC buggered up Icy End by annoying a drakon in a nearby location, wound up turning the town hostile and screwing me out of some quests. A google search saved me, someone had some miracle code thingy in answer to another forum question that just... made Icy End friendly again. Entered it, worked a treat, got my content back.

So uhh... in short... MAGICAL COMPUTER PEOPLE, HELP. xD Is there any kinda totally cheat-tastic code to trick Tay-tay into thinking I didn't bugger up? If not, ehhh, I guess 4/5 ain't bad, but I kinda wanted to see what that horrible nazi bastard had to offer, dammit.

Replies to the tune of 'you're a bad roleplayer' need not apply, I am aware of myself and fully accepting of it. :p

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There's a cheat in most (all?) the Geneforge games that can reset the hostility of an individual zone (e.g. turning Icy End friendly after you made them angry). That's different from failing a quest so that an NPC will no longer hire you.

I'm pretty sure it's technically still be possible to change you access to Taygen's quest line, but a bit more complicated than entering a cheat code. You'd need to dig in the scripts to identify the flag triggered by this Camp Dranir, then alter a zone script somewhere so you could change the flag to whatever Taygen's flag-check requires (e.g. add text so that when you, say, click on a sign, it sets the flag to the correct number). Disclaimer: I've never done this, nor played G5 (except the demo), I'm just going off what I've seen of various other posts on the Geneforge games.

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In addition to the normal cheat codes, there is also an SDF (stuff done flag, which holds data on the actions you've taken) cheat code which allows you to set codes from in the game. As Triumph suggested, search through the scripts (Geneforge 5/Geneforge 5 Files/Scripts) for the zone dialog script (it will look something like z65westalphdlg.txt) and find which SDF is set for this event. You'll probably want to (if there are multiple SDFs involved) set the one for helping the rebels to 0 and the one for helping the Shapers to 1.


The SDF cheat code is (after pressing shift-D): SDF <id 1> <id 2> <value>


I'm not entirely sure which zone this is, but if you can tell me the name of the zone (as displayed in the world map), I can probably come up with the cheat for you.

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All zones have multiple scripts. The least complex ones have the zone script (e.g. z68wwastes.txt), which sets up positions and such, as well as crime tolerance etc., and a dialogue script, which contains all the conversation data.


Looking at everything here, I believe that this set of codes should fix it:

Press shift-D to open the cheat menu, and enter these 3 codes:

SDF 64 7 1

SDF 68 1 1

SDF 68 2 0

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Hey @TheKian, do you think you could help me with a very similar issue? This actually pertains to Geneforge 1 (original, not Mutagen), and not Geneforge 5. However, the problem seems so similar that I had to ask. Basically I want to get the quest from Huestess to kill Goettsch, but I messed up by clearing the zone before talking to him. I was saving the talk for later since I hadn't spoken to Goettsch yet, and accepting his quest makes him "mark" you such that Goettsch and his creations will become hostile on sight and not parley with you or give you the false shaping gloves, which I intend to use as I have high leadership. I wanted to pick up the fake gloves from him, then get the quest from Huestess to kill Goettsch as it awards 1 endurance and I'm playing on Torment difficulty.


However, if you clear the zone, Huestess does not need to "feed" on you, and lets you pass without any toll, since you've already cleared the way (through the mined/crystalled area); this makes it so he will not give you the quest to slay Goettsch and mark you as hostile, which I now want to happen.


Do you think you could help me reset the event in such a way that I could recover that conversation and pick up the quest from Huestess to kill Goettsch?

The zone is Sentinels (from Geneforge 1) and it has two .txt files pertaining to it in the "Scripts" folder you mentioned earlier in this thread. I can't attach image files of the script here, but if you have access to the Geneforge 1 scripts folder, then the two relevant text files are "z72sentinl.txt" and "z72sentinldlg.txt"; I think the second file is the one with the script we're looking for, because I see the right conversation options from the quest written out. Scroll to "begintalknode 50", as well as "begintalknode 51, 55, 56, and 67. Those are the complete list of script headings for the correct conversation options, from approaching Huestess for the first time to accepting the quest to completing it and being rewarded with the endurance point.


Could you assist me with this? It would save me hours of replay time since I unfortunately don't have a recent save. Thank you so much! ❤️

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