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Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)


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So who is going to get a  clone or some glowing algae and meet me in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine? I'm kind of serious with this, the only issue is safety and getting the plants to adhere to the ceiling  without the roots causing cave in's. Then we can all live in our own version of exile! * waiting for Jeff's lawyer's letter*



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We'd need to introduce a large species of lizards to the caverns, too. Comodo dragons should do the trick. Hence we'd have giant lizards and dragons in one cast of stone!


Being serious though, if you do happen to succeed getting your hands on those plants and in rooting them to a ceiling, I demand pictures. :) (That is, if it's legal and you don't yourself into trouble.)

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" The particles used to get the plants to glow are the same particles used in most medicines, so they’re FDA-approved and safe for humans, although Strano emphasized the fact that he and his team do no intend for the plant-lights to be consumed."


... Still, if this technology ever fully crystallizes, I 100% expect to see glowing salads. Too much marketing potential for "Luminous Diets".

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