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G2 Training


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Sooo, playing as a guardian in G2, I avoid putting any points into melee until I get the 6000 for Brodus. And then I discover that it doesn't boost my base stat, but raises the cost as well. All that work and money for 2 ability points? I guess he's more useful for other classes....


Is that how training works in the other entries in the series?

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Never use a trainer with something that's your primary stat. You NEED melee and strength (unless you're doing some kind of cheesy ranged build) as a Guardian. Otherwise, it makes you way too weak for far, far too long.


In Geneforge 2 (and maaaybe 3), training (after a manner) counted as additional points you invested, raising the price; same thing goes for canister augmentations and bonuses (like from a certain demon...) the game gives you directly. Anything that raises your stats (canisters, events, manually increasing them) reduces the amount of training you can do. In later games, it worked differently, and you were able to get training if a spellbook or canister had raised the stat you're training, but not if you had invested skill points into it. (If you got, say, a canister that increased your spellcraft by 3 in Geneforge 4, you could train twice with Burke; however, if you had put skill points into it, you couldn't train more)

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Not that I am aware of such a cheat, but it's probably getting saved in the save file. As others have suggested (for replays or other GF games down the line) I find it best to use trainers for secondary skills. Like train my Shaper to a point of parry here  instead of dropping 4 much needed points to something somewhat trivial. It won't save me, but it will help. Same with missile weapons training (in later games). I got it since I could afford it to get a little more out of Crystals in GF4.  

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Unfortunately you seem to be right.


In the meantime, I used this http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/13129-geneforge-2-editor-updated/

editor from the forum in the fashion of ones for later Geneforge games to modify the points in a given skill if reading a book barred me from getting a point in it. Lame, yes, but really the only way I can think of to circumvent the training garbage.


Now, the great debate on whether or not to use canisters...

Unfortunately this editor does not include the run fast option that some of the later ones I remember do (for future playthroughs).

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