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Geneforge 2 Editor *Updated*

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Geneforge 2 Editor


This editor is based off of Croikle's Geneforge 1 editor.

I just converted it to Geneforge 2.

The entry point is the sign in the middle of the path between the "Alchemy lab (new game start point)" and the "Healing and Shaping hall"


Here it is...

(Feel free to add to it, with your own codes...it seems a bit incomplete...)

So far the skills are a bit messed up...it will give you random abilities...


Rapidshare- Download editor


Please delete those other two posts...having forum problems.





For convenience, here's a backup file.

z0entrydlg backup


Remove any numbers, spaces, or letters...and only leave "z0entrydlg".


Note: can someone please fix the skills/abilities...its kind of beyond me for now. Remember...feel free to modify the editor.

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Apologies for the necromancy. This seems like the place to put this, rather than a new topic. Corrections to my train of thought are welcome.


I've edited the above editor script so it gives the proper skills and abilities, as well as the new creations and new spells. It's the same format as before. However, it lacks the money editor because I had to cut *something* out to fit in all those new spells.


Link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?y79jocg3sjmg10h


All the above cautions are in full effect. Please back up your game, Spiderweb is not responsible for anything broken while using this script.


I may work on an item and money editor in another section, but that's a task for another day.


edit: Shaping skill editing didn't work in my first release- something I forgot to fix in Josh's version. Now it works.

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Silver Shadow I was wondering about your Editor. I downloaded it because it gave the correct skills and didn't give random abilities. It works fine, but to get the item editor you need to go to the bandit woods in GF2 for the obelisks. There are no obelisks and there is no bandit woods in GF2 so I was wondering if you could fix that somehow. I don't know how or I would do it myself. Thank you.

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