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Buying Avernum 3

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So having enjoyed Avernum 1 Escape from the Pit during the steam sale I bought the spiderweb bundle. However I see Avernum 3 is not included in the bundle at all, nor is it available on steam at all. Looking into it I see that you can only buy it by buying the 1-6 bundle on Gog. I'm not exactly happy about this, in fact I'm rather disappointed. So what do I do if I don't want to pay for the same games again? do I go ahead with Avernum 4? I know they're standalone but it's frustating to miss out on the story.

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Right now, the Avernum Saga is listed on GOG at $11.99. I don't remember exactly what Avernum 3 sold for when it was sold by itself, but I think it was $15 or $25. So even if you could buy Avernum 3 by itself now, it would probably be cheaper to buy the bundle.


Bear in mind that you're getting the old Avernum 3, though, so it won't look like Avernum: Escape from the Pit, and it may sputter a little on modern computers. As Randomizer said, the re-remake that will look like Avernum: Escape from the Pit is being made now and will be released sometime next year, probably.

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I don't think individual games were ever $45. I think you're remembering the price of one of the compilation CDs with multiple games on them (and likely from after the 90's). The old Avernum games were originally released for $25. Nethergate and BoE were $30 and I think the Exile games were also $25.

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