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Let's Play Blades of Avernum!


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This is a replica of the first Wizardry game.  Stairs, like in the original went to L8, second elevator, once you got into it, went to L9.  Usually the stairs and elevator levels were separated.  Last level was entered through a one-way chute from level 9.  I used my old pencil and paper maps to setup each level, so positions of stairs/elevators/other specials match the original game (except spinners, which couldn't think of a good way to replicate for the top-down engine of BoA).

Interestingly, I've scanned a couple of your plays and didn't remember it being that difficult.

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We crawl and swim and fight our way through dozens of rats, as we make our way towards our goal at last.

Also, holy crap 500 episodes.  That's ridiculous, this LP is... crazy!  Never expected it would be THIS long!

Is... is anyone still watching?

I'm so lonely...



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16 hours ago, BainIhrno said:

There's *holy water* located somewhere on the first floor of the dungeon (not the magic water from the Old Hut). Thanks for playing!

Thank you!  I'll make use of that info in my next recording session.

8 hours ago, Celtic Minstrel said:

I haven't been watching but was going to at least watch the episodes of my scenario...

Your scenario should be the next one I record, actually.


Hydras everywhere... man that is a lot of heads...



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Huh, what a coincidence.


I should perhaps note that two side areas in the scenario's main town are unfinished if I recall correctly; I don't think it'll actually break anything if you try them anyway, but it's been so long that I can't really remember.


The areas in question are a hotel/inn and poker at a casino. I'd just recommend saving before trying them if you want to.

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It’s been really fun watching my BoA adaption being played in real-time! As you probably know, the scenario branches in two halves at this point. It actually felt really suspenseful watching the video and awaiting to see which path you would choose.


I actually did not know about the Paladin plot points so that was interesting. I do know Alcritas’s scenarios were influenced by the works of Plato and Greek philosophy, which influenced moral/grey areas throughout. I thought this decision worked really well, as it really challenges the audience to consider a true moral dilemma. Even in other split scenarios, such as A Small Rebellion or Spears, I never quite got the same feeling, as it seemed more like “two sides are at conflict. Pick one to join.” But here I thought some true philosophical questions were raised. And as you’ll see, there are consequences to your decisions.


On a side note, the BoE scenario had the tunnels to the Godan fort filled with basilisks. As you saw, I kept a few, but I switched to hydras as I never thought basilisks were the most fun challenge - they basically seem more like an adversary where your chances are based more on luck than skill. As for the Arcanic Hydras - well some creatures can have anomalously high intelligence. :)

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I do agree, that it is a very good moral dilemma with the choice there.  And I agree on the "Basilisk is based on luck more than skill" thing... unless you have the Magic Resistance spell, which makes you near immune to the basilisk gaze.  A good choice there.


Wandering and exploring, as we find yet another cave in order to continue our mission.



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Well, I'll need to fix the bug at Thasmaskon, so the player doesn't get stuck. 


As far as the Faerie fight, some suggestions, based on what you have:

1) The Natural Shielding ability does make one invulnerable. Your shielding crystal has two uses, so you can make three out of four of your party temporarily invulnerable.

2) Consider going back in the Slith fort and getting War Blessing at Level 5. Not sure about this, but acid could work as well.

3) Continue using the Magic Dice, some of the abilities are more powerful than what you saw.

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