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Wal, it looks like the graphics won't work for Macintosh even though I downloaded from Alexandria (I think). I tried building my own .meg file from the .bmp graphics but ResEdit had a heart attack about the size of it all, and won't work.


Meanwhile, I'm replaying from scratch using the pre-retribution graphics but maybe it will become impossible due to missing graphics later?? I can get along with SOME black walls and fuzzy critters.


Always enjoying Shyguy's use of graphics and dialogue,


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Imban said "*knifes Emo* No ressurecting dead topics. "


Uh, I don't hang around here enuff to know the fineries... this topic is dead because it has been covered elsewhere? Or dead because nobody had contributed to it since last month? But it ain't dead to me on accounta I'm quite busy running around and chopping goblins and hope to find a way to continue this scenario.


However I am encouraged to simply repeat the (longwinded) download and expect to have a good chance at having it work this time. Maybe I went wrong by attempting to use the old pre-retribution save file?

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Yes, some Mac players are having a difficult time getting the graphics to work. I don't know what the solution is. I have no idea if the file from Spiderweb will work, but you can try it. Make sure you're playing version 2.03 cause there's a nasty bug in previous versions.


Also, TM may be able to send you a working graphics file as he's the one who created the .meg file for Alexandria. I've heard it can get corrupted when zipped, so maybe you can get an unzipped version from him.

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