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GeneForge remake with newer games' skill tree?

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So I just heard that Jeff is considering remaking GeneForge and retiring. I'm wondering how this will go down in terms of game mechanics. Avadon introduced a skill tree for each character class, which was inherited by the Avernum remakes in the form of generic character skill trees.


This sounds like it would be great in GeneForge, which I will argue has the least amount of depth in character creation of any Spiderweb Software game. I'd love to see more diversification between each of the character classes.


For example, a Shaper might prefer to let his creations to do the work, so he focuses on mental magic and blessing magic. He might prefer to use many disposable creations, so creation costs for him are lower.


In contrast, a Lifecrafter is more involved and works alongside his creations, so his skill tree gives bonuses for battle magic and blessing magic. He might prefer a small group of powerful creations that he would not risk losing, so his creations might be naturally more powerful but have greater cost.



But I'm 30% sure that this situation will happen. Mostly because if Jeff decides to remake the entire series with the class trees, he'd have to make 9 different skill trees for each of the classes to diversify them.


What do you guys think, would it be worth adding unique skill trees to GeneForge like Avadon? What about Avernum's method, where every class will share a common generic skill tree? Would you rather scrap the skill tree for something else? What features from the new games should GeneForge adapt?

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Jeff hasn't mentioned how he plans to remake Geneforge, although he probably will add things like the junk bag from later games and tinker with combat system.


He did mention a new series here.


"We'll be starting an all-new series soon. When we do, it will still be a big, complex game, but it will be big and complex in a different way. At the very least, there will be fewer than 11 countries for you to keep track of."

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Hey, I just heard that Jeff is the disembodied hand of Rasputin and he's planning to retire so he can go back to Russia to be buried. Before he does, I hope he remakes Geneforge with double and triple techs from Chrono Trigger, to encourage the player to make multiple creations and keep the same ones working together all through the game. Please spread the word of this important and reliable news.



Sorry. But not very much. :D It's late and I'm tired and giddy.

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I'd prefer to see an entirely new system (or an update of the previous Geneforge system). There are already enough shared assets and mechanical similarities, not to mention the limitations of a single creator's imagination and style, to make the lines between the various Spiderweb series blur at times (this is one reason why I was upset to see demons, golems, and other Avernum creatures and concepts bleed into Geneforge). They need all the distinctiveness they can get!


I think that with Shaping being such an important concept - i.e., the foundation of the entire series - it should be equally important to all classes, but in different ways. Maybe you could craft mines or other obstacles in combat, and Agents are best at that. Maybe Guardians could get stronger effects from Shaper-made items and Shaped gear (which otherwise has no use until later games, and then only as raw material for crafting good things), including the Guardian Claymore. I want to believe that all classes received the same amount, if not the same type, of training in Shaping as the Shaper, which is typically the most powerful and interesting class.


Also, maybe the Shaper class (subset of the Shaper social class) could be renamed. Probably not. One can dream, though, right?

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